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Jun 29, 2007

    1. Same here winny is so cute! ^-^ never thought about getting a tiny but this has changed my mind :)
    2. They're all sooo adorable!! I usually don't like MSD or Tiny sizes but I love Leisha!! :D

      Ommggg I was suppose to save up to eventually get Flora, then Andrea, and now Leisha pops up, wahhh :...(
    3. They're all so cute...I want them all!!:D

      I understand how you feel, red.thread. They have so many beautiful dolls and they keep coming out more and more. I know its a good thing but....the temptation to buy them when you have no money is quite sad. :atremblin :...(
    4. i love Leisha more >////<
      she is so cute////
    5. Must have Winny! She's soooo adorable!
    6. Noooooo.... *waves sadly after last shred of self-control and ups doll limit to 15*

      I've added little Shiny to my wishlist and planned family! He doesn't even fit into my storyline, so the poor thing is going to be an orphan until I think of something...
    7. Between Leisha, Winny, and Silf...I'm doomed. Oh well...At least I'll have the cute! :whee:
    8. Oh wow! Shiny just kills me!
      Good thing I'm skint!!

    9. This is killing me. I promised, no more dolls until those on order come in (and with an Unoa on preorder, I would make it through the year). I have to stop looking.
    10. Yeah, that's what I thought as well... "Phew, good thing I don't have money, anyway!"

      But... It's my birthday next wednesday. I'm not getting anything from my friends and parents, since they already helped pay for an urgent repair some weeks ago, but there's still my grandparents, and I tend to buy myself a birthday present...

      No, no, no.

      Must. Have. Self-control. Especially since I still have a doll on layaway!
    11. Does anyone have a Sweet? Their leg joints seem like they split far apart when bent. Is this just the picture or is this true? I want to put Laisha on layaway but that bugs me a bit. Oh and how tall are they?
    12. It's a new body. 24.5cm high.
      I hope this can help you.

    13. all three of them are so cute! I wish they were a bit bigger though. I liked the 29cm size of Marigold and Eileen. I would have liked them to have smaller feet. I couldn't find their wig size on the website either.
    14. They're all cute but I think Shiny in my favorite. Shiny reminds my of a little boy who gets into everything then suddenly switches to bashful and shy. Opps. I think I just talked myself into getting this one. ;)
    15. O_O When did they get here! They're so cute!
    16. Oh, no! Oh, NO! I feel a sudden case of the Twins coming on! T_T Shiny and Winny are just waaaaaay too adorable! Their little faces have so much personality! Nooooo! *heart-break*

      Please tell me these aren't limited! Please tell me that when I actually have enough money (probably next year some time) they will still be available!
    17. I like Winny, the way her mold was sculpted made her eyes seem so sharp :D like the kind of girl that is cute and sweet, but climbs on trees and get her frock rip for falling in rose bushes :D
      but what outfit do their share? are they leeke / bambicrony size?
    18. They are all darling. Have to go adjust my wish list.