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New DOD boots and pants!

Dec 11, 2004

    1. RUN OR YOU DON'T GET IT!!! The boot is great and the pants... well... to me, they are almost normal... they had another outfit that is pretty but it is out of stock (I guess it is no suprise)

    2. Those new boots are adorable, but they aren't really Ichii's style.
      I, on the other hand, would soo wear them if they came in my size. :grin:
    3. wah. not hi's style.. I was hoping the black pleather would be up again. or black pleather outfits. Meh ;_;
    4. They've restocked one outfit, and added a new one, too...


      now, *how* much money do I have....? I mean, my boys have one pair of pants to share, so it would be... *mumbles*

      agh, curse you, shipping prices! And having-to-go-through-credit-card-to-make-payments!

      Those booots are sooooo niiiiiice though...


      thatnks for sharing, in any case!
    5. >.> Yeah, not for the first time, I wish they'd take paypal!

      I like those pants...Maybe if they're still in stock when I go to order my Wi... *sighs*
    6. Meh wants those boots >_>

      ......meh needs money +_+
    7. I really want those pants for Chloe . . . but they'd be almost $40 with shipping! Oh well, maybe they'll have some pants in stock when my sister orders her doll.
    8. I like the boots! but already bought another pair so... no more money! :oops:
      and the outfits.... they're always out of stock sooo fast.... I'm sad... :cry:
      oh well, I wouldn't have money to buy them anyway...
    9. I LOVE those boots! With the removable red thing. I think I shall have to make one of those nifty things for my Poshdolls boots. ^___^
    10. yay! I totally nabbed the new jeans and the denim overalls this morning - which, surprisingly enough, are still in stock. [ does celebratory dance ]