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New DOD Doll - Petsha

Nov 18, 2006

    1. any idea of the release date?
    2. Cacau, do you know if she will be released in the regular line soon? the fullsets are already sold out!

      ALso do you know if they will be selling that body separately?? whee!
    3. Well, last time I spoke with DOD about it was looong ago... (I think no one even remembers of that post) and they told me of the new mature DOC girl with cute face and Ira, the new DOT. (is that her name, I guess)
      I think there will be a regular version and a body release 'cause they realize that's a major request... (does anyone remembers of that e-mail of what you wanted DOD to release and such? so, i guess it's being good for them)

      I can't be sure yet.
      Well, I have a giant test of 5 hours on sunday but next week I'll e-mail them with some questions about her and about the new DOT ^^

      I hope I get good answers ^^
    4. one of the options for the doll is elf or homme version, so i think that you could get a human one. :)
    5. I asked DoD if they would sell Petsha not as a full set, they said yes, but not until December sometime. It would be nice if they sold the body separately as well.
    6. Petsha Update and Free mask event
      January 18th to 25th

      Found this posted on DOD
    7. http://www.dreamofdoll.com/

      A new body for the DoD girls has been released! ^^ She's got some, if you know what I mean ;)
      The new body also has joints in the thigh, for better posing.

      Yay! Finally no more flat-chested DoD-girls! :aheartbea
    8. if you're talking about the new DoC girl body,then its old news now.There's been a couple of ongoing discussions about it's posability and such in various sectons here.Page 9 of the Petshe discussion has pics of the poseablity of the thigh joint:)