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NEW DOD DOLLS!!!!!!! WHOA! !!!!

Nov 28, 2004

    1. NEW DOD DOLLS! I saw in cyworld!!!


      Also new hands!!! GOOOOOOOOOOD!

    2. :o OMG!!

    3. (The above was me)

    4. :o :o :o :o :o :o

      I want them ALL!!!!!!!!!
    5. o_O Dangit, stop tempting me, DoD!
      Such a cute kitty-boy...
    6. and that up there was me... *shakes fist* new windows that log you out are evil!
    7. :o Oh my God they're gorgeous! I can't buy another doll....must...resist....
    8. Droool...OMG they are gorgeous! I want all of them and i dont even own a dod yet(Leya should be here in a week) sigh..i am going broke..
    9. Oh my god! I love DOD! I want them all.. Maybe the one in the red/black outfit most, he's so pretty ;-; Mine! ;-;
      I just love DOD's style, just look at them all! <33 So nice.
    10. I LOVE the white one and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the black/blue one *__*
    11. oh, NO!!

      accckkk how can they do this to us? aaackkk
    12. Hm..are they still msd size? Also what is CYworld? Any release dates? I love the white one :) and the blue..and the...eeek! I want them all!
    13. :o


      I just hope that... what if they're limiteds?! What if they're limiteds?!?!?!


      On a side note, I like the one in the white with the *black* hair, and the one in the black and blue with the white/black mix... oh, but that's no fair to the one in the black and the red... or the one in all white! *sigh*

      Thanks for sharing... I just hope the face molds aren't limited! X_x;;; That would kill me... well, maybe not, but... :oops:
    14. Goodness, the prettiness actually made me a bit teary... they're all so GORGEOUS! I'm going to have to wrestle with my mouse to keep from buying them all once they're up for sale. Maybe I'll be able to get one this summer. <3

      Their names, in the order of the solo photos:

      Korean reading (Chinese reading)
      Wi (Wêi)
      Ryu (Líu)
      Hu (Hòu)

      I like Wi the best, but I love Shi's loose socks and Ryu's mold and faceup. It's a very "I'm sexy and I know it" expression.
    15. ^That was me... I was so sure I was logged in.

      Ah, don't even think it! *covers ears* LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!~
    16. Come on! Since when DOD do limited only??? They'll do a limited version (that'll include clothes maybe) and a normal one... THEY AWYS DO THAT!.... at least that's what I hope
      DOD is my favorite store EVER
    17. Hikare can you tell us if it says about their size? THey have so many MSD sized molds already - and there was talk on their board about working on bigger ones - are these big? :o
    18. OMG LOOOOVVVVEEEEEE!!!!! Yes, any word on a release date? I'm gonna have to save a bit, but HOT DAYM I love these boys!! I love the white one and the red/black one!! OMG MUST HAVE!!!!! :D :D :D
    19. ... they'd better not be Limited Edition! I love the one in all white. :D
    20. I just *love* the little guy in the black and blue clothes...*shiiigh*
      But I already have my boy, and definitively don't want another boy. What a pity, they are ...*shigh and more shigh*.

      EDIT: I WANT that black and blue clothes for my boy! xDDDD