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New dog, cat and polar bear from Doll Factory

Apr 17, 2008

    1. The dogs are really cute, and I like the bear, and then the kitty... I may end up with the kitty, as it finally appears to be a kitty I could have in my family. But I'm still wanting that fox.

    2. I just ordered the mouse from them on Monday. When I read the subject to this thread I was like, "Oh no! A KITTY! I may 'need' that too!" :kitty1 But I just looked at the pictures, though the cat is cute it's not what I'm looking for. Now I can spend more money on my little mouse. :fangirl:
    3. These are really sweet. Another puppy, and now a bear! :D I like the fact that there's yet another type of kitty: we have Baha and her punkin head, the more flat-faced Zuzus and now these little cuties with their tiny, tiny ears and big eyes. More anthros! Bring 'em on!
    4. The polar bear's really cute :D
    5. These are all adorable but I LOVE the little dog! I'm such a dog fan!
    6. The dog is adorable, which I'm really surprised to be saying. I was sure I'd fall in love with the kitty, as I'm in love with all of their other lil' critters, but I'm like Lindsey Kay- the cat just isn't what I was expecting/what I'm after (maybe because its ears look too small?).
      I've been dying to have the fennec fox though :...(
      I love anthros in this itty bitty size :aheartbea
    7. Hey, here's the floppy-eared dog people have been wanting. I think Nara is quite nice.
    8. The polar bear is so cute! The way they posed is so adorable!
    9. Direct competition with Ringo! I will have to think it over while I save up money. I need a kitten for the cat family, and these are a little cheaper than pipos, but not that much cheaper, so it's a super hard decision.
    10. Whaaa :...( I said I wasn't going to get any more dolls and the little dog looks a bit like my Puppy in real life. I may have to get one and make a Muffin doll. It would just need a little patch over one eye and a brown tag on its ear to make it complete.

      *Edit* I just ordered one. I think that was the quickest time I've gone from seeing a doll, to wanting it, to buying it. :blush
    11. I adore Bobo, but I'm suppose to be saving my $. : (
      Nara looks a bit sad.
    12. I am so tempted by the polar bear!
    13. hmmm im in two minds about them, cant decide if i like them or not.
    14. Why does the site say its an otter, not a polar bear? I am confused....
    15. A quick picture of my Doll Factory Family:

    16. I love seeing your little group together.
    17. Ahhh, they're all adorable. I may want a mouse after I receive my kitty...mwahaha.
    18. Very cute family. I'm the happy owner of a Bobo.