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New Dolkot Doll: Eun Byul

May 26, 2010

    1. Here is the company link:

      It looks also like there is a new version of the Dolkot Star sized body released with this doll, called the "Super Star" body. You can select it or the regular Star body in the options for this guy, though it seems like it's a bit extra.

    2. According to their front page it looks like they plan to announce a sale/event in June, too.

      Adding a picture of the other new boy, Han Byul:


      I love these two. :aheartbea
    3. Blue Moon replied to a few of my questions via the Q&A:


      1.) Are they the same head (like Day/Daisy, etc)? I just want to ask because they have similar names.
      -No! Their head are different ^^

      2.) In their item description it says "Changeable Head." What does that mean?
      -When you change the head, you don't need to pull out the whole head, just face part of the head!

      3.) When do you plan to release more info regarding your Sale Event?
      - From today, we are doing 20% sale for SDK60 Star size doll!


      Seems like they have a face-plate system. Both are marked down to $428 as of today.