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New Doll Alexis Rose Discussion

May 15, 2011

    1. Oohhh I would love to start a discussion thread on this new doll --
      New Doll
      Alexis Rose - by Wish-Art (Whitewings)

      At 38 cm she is exactly the size of my Sleetwealth Briar, who so far is standing alone in my dolly collection because of her unique size. This is the only other doll I have seen at this size (and believe me, I have looked everywhere) that is an adult woman and not a child. Would love to hear thoughts and comments from other members and Briar owners in particular!
    2. although she is not for me i would like to say well done whitewings you have really achieved a lovely doll, and through such loss you came out with a beautifull creation. you should be very proud of your great work i know you put alot of time and effort in through working on other projects with you and i know this will be no different

      good luck with the sales im sure they will fly out of the door my lovely xxx
    3. I've seen her in person, Whitewings took her along to a doll meet and she is stunning, so well sculpted. I've got one on order.

      Edit: I thought Briar was smaller? I could be interested in Briar if she's the same size. I always pictured her as barbie sized for some reason.
    4. I wonder what size wig, eyes can she wear also clothing and shoes too. I like her.
    5. As far as mature minis go, she puts the rest to shame lol!
      I've got one on order too, so I'll be doing a biiig comparison shoot when she comes home! Then raiding all my dolly clothing to see what fits (but with her curves, she'll probably end up lounging nude for a while! xD)
      Just going over her measurements again, her hips seem pretty close to Iplehouse's JID girls; I wonder if they will be able to share pants?

      Edit, Measurements are on the News page:
      Foot: 5.5cm
      Eyes 8mm
      Wig size 5" exactly.
    6. Actually, Fairyland introduced their ChicLine dolls last year, which are 37cm tall (the women are, at least). They aren't child-like in the least. ^^

      I'm very excited to see another mature woman in this size! Whitewings has done a terrific job, and her girl is absolutely lovely. ♥ I'm also excited at the prospect of seeing one of these beautiful dolls next to a ChicLine, especially since she's ever-so-slightly taller, which would work out great for my dolly plans! *rubs hands together while making a devious face* >:3
    7. I like the look of the chicline, but the heads put me off. Without the wigs, they looked too small. I'd prefer a slightly larger head for them. I haven't seen any of the chicline so far. I've got an EID girl and if you were to shrink her down, I'd still say that Alexis Rose would be more curvy. She's got a lot of oomph.
    8. Ooh, she looks lovely. I look forward to seeing your pictures, Bandersnatch! But, yikes. Finding clothes will probably be some kind of odyssey.
    9. Thanks guys for the lovely comments on Alexis Rose, she's been such a pleasure to work on (most of the time) LOL - I have updated the Layby page - there were a few things that needed re-wording and the layby time frames are substantially different - Also I inadvertently left off the news thread the order period which is from the 15th of May to the 1th of June for 15 dolls only. Beyond that I'm unsure when the next order period will be due to other work commitments....

      Clothing wise I'm compiling a list of can-do's and jus'don't with a range of clothing - and although her proportions do look very voluptuous measurement wise she isn't too much larger than others in her size range if you compare Alexis Rose with Unoa Lusis for Example:

      Alexis Rose
      Height: 38.5 cm or with Heeled Feet: 40 cm - Shorter than Unoa's by 2 - 3.5 cm
      Head: 13 cm - smaller than Lusis by 3.5 cm
      Neck: 4.5 cm - smaller than Lusis by 3 cm
      Bust: 19 cm - Larger than Unoa Large Bust by 1.5 cm
      Waist: 13.5 cm - Larger than Unoa by 0.5 cm
      Hips: 21.5 cm - Larger than Lusis by 2.5 cm
      Arm: 12 cm - shorter than Lusis by 0.5cm
      Hip to knee: 10 cm
      Hip to Foot: 21 cm - longer than Lusis by 0.7cm
      Ankle: 6cm - smaller than Unoa Lusis by 0.3cm
      Foot: 5.5 cm - Same as Unoa Body

      Unoa Lusis
      Height - 42.0cm
      Eyes - 12.0cm
      Head around… 16.5cm (6.5 inch)
      Flat Chest around - 16.0cm
      Large Bust Around - 17.5cm
      Under Par Bust - 14.0cm
      Waist - 13.0cm
      Hip - 19.0cm
      Ankle - 6.35
      Shoulders - 75mm
      Sleeve Length -- 12.5cm
      Leg Length -- 20.3cm
      Foot Size -- 5.5cm

      So far she fits into all of my soft stretch Unoa Clothing - Also my Custom House Junior Ai is able to share stretch tops and loose skirts. As far as fitted clothing (non-stretch) is concerned I have some JID stuff arriving probably tomorrow or Wednesday and I am waiting on shoes from Leeke World to check the sizing - providing my other girls dont snaffle them first!! Mini sized shoes worn by my now departed Lusis and CH Yeondu look a little clunky on her - mainly because of the head size - but I have a pair of Dale-Rae Narae Flats that fit snug as a bug and look lovely - I'll have to take some photos....

      For now though...... Sleeeeeeepin LOL
    10. Edit: I thought Briar was smaller? I could be interested in Briar if she's the same size. I always pictured her as barbie sized for some reason.[/QUOTE]

      Briar is 38cm, about 14 inches, much taller than a Barbie. For ideas on clothes, etc. check out this thread - lots of ideas:
      Sleetwealth Briar Discussion

      PS in comparing measurementsI can see that Briar is much more slender, and clothes that are custom made for Briar probably won't fit Alexis Rose - bust and hips for Alexis are much bigger.But some of the other suggestions might work.I made my Briar's clothes by tweaking Barbie patterns to fit.
    11. She's beautiful, whitewings!
    12. Clothing doesn't tend to bother me much. With a figure like that, she'll be lounging around in lingerie most of the time, I expect. The only thing I'm thinking is that she looks a touch french to me and I'm thinking about making an outfit from Gigi for her. Haven't decided which outfit. This year is meant to be my year to get back into sewing so I'm going to try and do some for my gals.
    13. Thanks Katie - I adore mine - in fact she's getting very grubby!! HobbySue and Bandersnatch's dolls are 90% done so there will be more Alexis Rose love to share :D

      okidoki......I've been emailing to and fro some well know dolly outfit pattern makers and will be commissioning patterns for Alexis Rose's figure as well as using my university education (haha) to actually start pattern drafting again - these will available as a download on the website in time for people to start getting their dollies.... plus I'll have some samples made for those who have requested clothed pictures...... HobbySue can vouch for the disasters we've had in the last fortnight with photographers and computers..... its funny now but it wasnt then XD

      I'm heading out of here now..... but you're welcome to Pm me with any Q's you have

      She isnt going to be everone's cup of tea and that's totally okay, constructive criticisms are fantastic and I'l never improve without feedback!!
    14. Wow, whitewings, she looks AMAZING!!!! I just adore that voluptuous figure - she has that va-va-voom, for sure! Oh, if only I hadn't just spent my money on new dolls... she's just wonderful! Would love to see some more close-ups of her face, too! Hmm, would also love to see how she looks next to Chicline...will have to wait for owner pics for that one, I guess!
    15. Actually - I might send you down one of the prototypes to do a comparison with your Chicline??? What do you think?
    16. Ooooh yes, please do that! And take photos, and post them here..... I'm dying to see the two side by side. I wish I lived in Australia, I'd love do sew for this gal...
    17. I second this motion! Pics, please! ♥
    18. Ooooh, YES PLEASE!!!!! I would love that! Oh man, I keep thinking of all the beautiful corsets that could be sewn for her! :D
    19. Awesome I'll get the WS prototype packed and into the mail on Tuesday - unfortunately its the earliest I can get it down to you..... have a few family things to attend to this weekend.... Will PM you about the corsets :)
    20. Awesome, whitewings, thanks so much!!!! I can't wait! :D And yes, lets discuss it more in the pms. :)