New Doll New doll 'AMITA' and 'DEMI44 body' release!

Apr 23, 2021

    1. Hello, I'm DEMIT.
      I glad to be able to promote in DOA.
      We will start selling 'AMITA' and 'DEMI44 body'.


      The DEMI44 body is compatible with the existing MSD-sized costumes.
      Tops are generally compatible, and bottoms may have a slightly shorter length.
      However, in the case of 'Poinsettia', the costume tailored to AMITA,
      pants may not be suitable for other companies body.

      If you interested 'AMITA', and 'DEMI44 body' please check my site.


      We ask for your interest in the AMITA and DEMI44 body.
      You can order by e-mail, Twitter or Instagram DM.

      Thank you.
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