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New doll and new wigs at Korean AR

Nov 23, 2004

    1. Oh !.. it's a bigger doll!... she reminds me of Megu SD13 in the face for some reason....... Pretty ! :grin: :daisy
    2. Yeah! She reminds me a SD13 girl... but I don't rembember who... maybe it is megu o.o
    3. She does look VERY similar to Volks Megu SD13.. Maybe her facial feature are a bit closer together but besides that she reminds me of Megu13. Maybe it's just the wig?
    4. ... she reminds me of Megu except, like 2000 times prettier. Oo; Wowww... I'm in love with a -girl- sculpt....
    5. I wish they would take body shots!.......
    6. :o WOOOOW! Is that a SD13 or Angel Region *_* . I keep looking at her and my credit card is about to explode, must resist.......
    7. Pardon my stupidity, but how do we order from the Korean site? Those mohair wigs are beautiful! :D I have to have one.
    8. Those are Wonderful!... no fair!... all are sized 7-8 only !!!!waaaah!

      well..maybe they will make those available for 9-10 .....

      you can probably email them to ask....I've emailed them before with inquiries...
      they did accept paypal! :D

    9. Thanks Mia! It would be nice if they made them in more sizes.
    10. oh man... *_* there is MORE than one doll on this site that I just think is awesome. *_*
    11. Wow, that doll is gorgeous. I keep seeing more dolls I want but can't afford. I thought I'd stop at one BJD, but if I can ever scrape up the funds, I think I'll be getting more.
    12. ^.^ She looks to me as if she could easily be a BlueFairy's older sister! Like May or Jerome's mom/sister XD
    13. Oh wow.... I really like her :D I agree with Mandiiv about her looking a little bit related to some of the BlueFairy dolls too. So pretty....
    14. Aaah, so THAT'S how you see the AR wigs. XD They weren't listed on the English page, silly me. Thanks, Cacau!
      Wow, she does look like Megu. Though she has that distinctive AR nose.
    15. I LOVE her profile. o.o
    16. Perhaps I'm going mad here - but Elly isn't a new doll? I'm sure they had a previous model of her, and this is just the updated white baby version.
    17. Yeah.... but is is the first time she is in the new site... i guess XD
    18. It's the same sculptor ... I love his dolls!!!!
    19. :o :D
      the doll is so beautiful! and those wigs.......damn....i'd buy them all! LOL those colors and styles are great!