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New Doll "Claude" and Action Body !!

May 25, 2006

    1. Hello ^^

      I have several news.

      D.I.L (Doll in Life) has finally finished first Male body(60cm)

      Consist of 16 parts.(Normally body has 10 to 12 parts)
      It poses very well and you will find out how this body can pose in many ways.

      D.I.L are taking pre-order for this action body and delivery will be started
      from End of July to Mid.Aug
      You will find this body at ebay auction very soon or simply ask D.I.L Dealers.
      (D.I.M dealers = D.I.L dealers)

      ** New doll from D.I.L

      Name : Claude
      He has the action body and we are also taking pre-order now.

      ** D.I.L & D.I.M have several more new dolls ready and will be shown to
      public in July.

      Any questions, Please feel free to contact me. nescot@paran.com
      My name is denny.

      Or....Ask D.I.M Dealers ^^ any time.

      Thank you


    2. Is there side/back views available?