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"New" doll company - Art-Tong

May 23, 2005

    1. All though the website is highly confusing (and Korean) I managed to find out that Art-Tong makes at least 7-8 differnt heads.


      Don't think thay make bodies yet and I have NO idea about prices or how to order.

      My favorite head for a boy is Siam:


      And for a girl Ruu:


    2. Siam... *drool*
    3. Those are incredibly gorgeous heads! Would love to know more about these lovely creatuares. Size, heads only, how to order, etc. Please can one of our Korean speaking friends help? Thank you and I apologize for my lack of language skills.

    4. I had posted about them last week:

      I emailed them twice, and have yet to receive a reply.
      Joining up is another story, since it requires you imput a Korean ID number equivalent to a U.S social security number.

      So if anyone is able to Join or get a reply by emailing them, please let us know.
    5. SO sorry, I missed your post. I hope they reply to your email soon. I'd love to know more.

    6. Ditto - these are gorgeous, and i'd love to know more!
    7. I hope we can order them, Siam is just gorgeous.
    8. EDITTED!

      Wai~ Such pretty heads!! I like the Rain head!

      Eeto, gigglegeek-san, I think the pic you put up there is of Rain, not Siam. Siam has smaller and more hostile-looking eyes compared to Rain's large and friendly ones.

      Some of the pics taken at a particular angle of Rain reminds me of the School A. Mainly the mouth/cheek area. Actually, after much observation, he LOOKS LIKE the School A. A very very similar mould!

      I tried to explore the site.. @_@ @ korean.. The gallery section contains photos of different customized Siams right? Because some of their eyeshapes differ...

      Ooh, I hope they have an international site soon so we can understand what they're saying! x_x
    9. Oooo, either one makes a good girl or boy...
      I like Ruu a lot...
    10. Siam is really cute. I think he looks like Volks Anais crossed with AR Ren *-*
      pretty! :o

      EDIT: I think that boy you have pictured there is actually called 'Rain'...
    11. Ooooh...Siam is SO my vision of what I'd like for a Harry Potter boy! Picture GREEN eyes. I hope we can find out how to order - I'd really love to have him.
    12. Now that you said it I realized Siam really looks like Harry Potter to me too. O.o 8)
      Have never found a Hermione, though.
    13. I looked in their Gallery. I want a jointed Egyptian cat statue like that!

    14. Me, too!! That cat is the coolest thing since sliced bread...
    15. I think Siam looks like Jerome O_o
    16. **stares at Siam some more**

      I wonder how the resin would match up with Volks' or Ceberus Project's resin.....anf the head/neck size thing....hmmm
    17. These have huge potential!!!!
    18. I like the boy head also :lol:
    19. You are SO right!! SORRY!! No wonder I couldn't tell them apart *lol*

      I've changed the pis so now it really IS Siam in the first post.