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New Doll company! - DollStories

Jul 16, 2007

    1. They only have one head for 60 cm dolls now, but she is absolutely beautiful!
      The link is:
    2. Just wondering if someone can confirm where this company is located? The English on the website is awfully good if the company is in Asia...
    3. I just received a very friendly e-mail from the website's owner. She stated that this company is located in the Eastern USA, and that dedication to the Asian aesthetic in their dolls is very important to them. She also says they will have a gallery and FAQ section on the website later this week.

      Yay, another American BJD company! :)

    4. I e-mailed the owner last month to ask if they were going to be making mini sized dolls and she said that they have quite a few plans for the company as far as the sizes of dolls they are going to offer. I'm pretty excited about it...the doll they show on their site is gorgeous.
    5. We should be able to talk about them here, they have a banner up and running floating at the top sometimes. I am going to open a discussion thread once they have gallery pics up.
    6. The gallery is up along with a question and answer board. I am starting a discussion board.


      So,please go there, thank you!