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"New" doll company - Limhwa

May 23, 2005

    1. I think the company Linhwa only sells this girl:



      But I can't figure out her name, price or even size.

      Anyone know Korean????

    2. If you check the gallery section you'll find this HOTTIE:


      Doubt he is for sale though, he looks like a one off artist doll :cry: :cry: :cry:

    3. After translation:
      They're working on producing the doll. It's taking them longer than planned.
      They will post info when they're ready.
    4. ooeee she's cute!!!

      He is so realistic that in a way I'm creeped out by him just a twidge :oops: that's just me though.... that's amazing sculpting work on a doll for sure.
    5. She's pretty, but he's *amazing* . . . would love to see what he's like in person (articulation, resin--I'm assuming he's resin, but maybe not??--the rest of the body sculpting . . . *ahem*) :lol:
    6. THANK YOU!! That explains why I couldn't spot any prices in the Korean text.

    7. God ..I love him ....amazing
    8. I noticed while surfing the site that the girl doll has a face "plate" similiar to the Unoas. Thought that was really cool.
    9. :o He's amazing. For the first second when I was scrolling down the page I thought he was real. I hope they get more information up soon!
    10. I thought he was real too, for a second. XD Man, he's HOT! XD
      (to my Azn husband: "Yes, dear, you are so HOT! too. And you're real!")

      And that girl doll has quite a beautiful headmold. :)
    11. It's a Gackt! Run! XD

      Seriously tho, that's awesome. :3 I love both their sculpts!
    12. Don't shoot me but.... the man is too... strong... to me ^^' (I like weak and delicate boys ^^')
      I like the girl very much!
    13. oh my, it's my ex boyfriend immortalized in resin! so scary...
    14. **oogles the guy** Holy CRAP. That's SMEXAY. I wonder if he'd ever be available....probably not.

      Damn. Hmmm...wonder what size he is....
    15. I would so love to purchase him ;0;

      Anyone here who would be able to update us on whether he's (ever) going to be available?
    16. EYAAAHGHGH!! He is a spitting image of my old office mate! I'm going to send this to him because I know it's going to totally freak him out... the sight of a doll that looks like himself but is a doll with visible joints and seams and a manly chest!!!
    17. So your old office mate didn't have a manly chest? :wink:
    18. Dude, where does your old office mate live, and is he single? :drool
    19. He is kind of scary for me bec. he look too real :wink:
    20. hmmm
      is it only me but he looks exact replica of Jet Lee (chinese actor).
      I was never a fan of him,,,, seems too real..gives me creeps a bit.
      I like dolls that look like they just poped out of animation.