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[new doll company]+Sinyland+

Dec 2, 2008

    1. Hi, everyone!!!
      Let's introduction the new personal doll company: Sinyland~~~

      I've introducted Shin few months ago. Now she has her own company~
      This is her website.:D
      (It can accept any International order.)


      Thank you!

    2. Oh! Do you have any idea when the accessories like the ears and horns and wings will go up? I've been waiting for those!
    3. dear layla~thanks ~! XD~~~

      Hi sweets~I'm the owner of the SinyLand,call me ShiN.+~
      Welcome to my kingdom,if you are like me and love dolls, then you would like to be able to have a sweet dream here~^_^

    4. These are beautiful heads! can you tell us what resin colors your heads match? Will they match the Luts resins?

      thank you - can't wait to see more....
    5. to dear Kiyakotari
      It's coming soon..Thanks for your consistent attention!

      to dear patl~
      I don't have Luts dolls so I don't know their skintones. However I've seen Volks normal skin and their color fits.^ ^
      Please take a look here:

      dear Kamotekid
    6. i do have one question ^^ the 110 for the boy and girl...is that just the head or the whole doll? That confused me a bit...
    7. Hi Shin!

      Thanks for creating a beautiful and affordable BJD!
      Bliss is beautiful, any body dimensions?
      I would like to see her body style, especially knees
    8. June
      I believe $110 is for Head only
      I think ShiN is still developing bodies for her creations :)
    9. [​IMG]
      Thanks everyone~XD
      Now,Bless is had head only,I am working hard to producing her body^ ^

      PS:I am apologize for my English :p~please don't mind.
      Thanks again!
    10. June, Also, I think she/they (?) have the boy and girl up separately just so you can readily see the face-up options.

      really cute and at the same time lovely face!
    11. Will you be posting more pictures of the two default face up?

      Will you be accepting custom face up order as well?

      (Lovely mold, good luck with your new company.)
    12. Oh wow, Bless is a gorgeous mold! Are there any plans for other resin colors? I'd love to see a tanned resin.
    13. wow, I love the Bless girl. :fangirl:
      Do you know how your snow white skin match to Soom or Iplehouse white skin?
    14. shadow_takatori ^ ^yes,you are so smart~

      anavel,I'm sorry,I don't accept custom faceup,thank you for your congratulations!

      micchi,thanks~~I think I will launch with tanned skin[​IMG]by the way,I love your name^ ^do you love Hisashi Mitsui? XD

      Nidi,sorry, I don't have any SOOM dolls, so I cannot make any doll in SOOM skintone.
      About Iplehouse white skin,please look here:

    15. Very nice work.

      just a tip.. want a good affordable body,
      try DollnDoll.. they should be the same as volks pureskin and white and those seem to match bliss very well.
      The bodys are the same size as delf bodies [dollndoll site says 55cm that is without the head]
      And are very good qaulity ^__^
    16. I just checked out dollndoll.com, was it the king-boy body ver.1? :nosebleed It is affordable! :) but will it match bless??? :?
    17. I remember your company from months ago (not really new, if I remember well), when you were selling Seya and Thomas.
      I love the redesign of the website, and the new doll, but I have a question.
      Will you sell Seya or Thomas (or both) again?
    18. I can't get this Sinyland website to log in. Couldn't yesterday and can't again today. Is anyone else having problems?