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New Doll Cookie now at Jpopdolls.net, BODY photos added

Aug 28, 2009

    1. New adorable Cookie. Double jointed for great posing. She will come with face-up, outfit, wig and eyes. We expect September delivery for this cutie. She is priced at 160.00
      Link: http://www.jpopdolls.net/store/product.php?productid=1375&cat=0&page=1

      Cookie's Measurements:

      * Height: 26cm

      * Head:16cm

      * Eye size: 14mm

      * Neck size:6cm

      * Shoulder width: 6.5cm

      * Waist size: 12cm

      * Hip size: 13.5cm

      * Arm length: 7cm

      * Leg length:10.5cm

      * Ankle width: 4.3cm

      * Foot length: 3.8CM

      * Foot width: 1.7CM
    2. We have asked the factory for body shots, so will post as soon as we have them.
    3. ok here is her cute little body
    4. Here is the company's answer:"non-solvent-based resin of environmental protection, its strength is more strong than ordinary resin"