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New Doll: Domuya's Life Project - Sera, The Sky Guardian, released.

Oct 11, 2009

    1. Dear All,
      We're so terribly sorry for the delay in bringing you the next doll in the Doll Life Project! But we hope that you will like Sera just like how much we have loved him! We are proud of him and we think he is just so special! :)

      He comes with magnetic Eagle-Helm Headcap, Gas Mask, Moveable Detachable wings and Magnetic Claws! See the picture and justify for yourself! :D





      I guess most are familiar with our series of Life Project Dolls so far. Hence, more photos and for the message that Sera wants to deliver, please visit their "home":

      Please do not miss this SPECIAL doll in your collection! He is available till the 15th Nov' 2009!

      Sera can be purchase at the following places:

      Domuya's Official Website (www.domuya.net)
      The Doll Peddlar (USA Arizona Dealer)
      LoneStar Doll (USA Texas Dealer)
    2. Whoa...he is really cool! Is there any chance any of his accessories might be sold separately at some point? I think the gas mask is amazing *__*
    3. Are the accesories also made out of resin? I am also interested in the gas mask, but am curious to know if it's a resin piece (the wings HAVE to be resin...right?) or if all the accesories are made out of other materials?
    4. Is this a female or Asexual body?
    5. twigling: Thanks! I was thinking of grouping all the Life Project dolls together so they will be neated and not all around in the forum. But this way, it could be more straight forward for reader. Thanks!

      wildefae: Nope. I am sorry that at this moment, all the special parts and face moulds are exclusive to the Life project dolls. There are plans to make more accessories. But those will only be suited to our D1-44 dolls. Our D1-44 line is going to be spoilt with all the special parts!

      So if you haven't own any of our D1-44 line of dolls, please do at least grab one for now so this will be the "kit" to all your future fun!

      Splynterhayde: Yes, all the parts are resin and sculpted by our fine artist. :) The wings are moveable too! There is a mechanism to hold onto the wings and you can turn them up or down. :fangirl:

      Dobry: D1-44 is on asexual body. :aheartbea

      Thank you!
    6. Any idea when Sera will be shipping? Will he ship soon after the Nov. 15th deadline, or will it take more time than that?
    7. According to an e-mail I received yesterday (my query was unrelated to shipping but Candy very kindly kept me in the loop about other things too <3) the dolls bought by the subscribers will be being shipped at the end of this month, though I don't know about people who just bought Sera alone =3