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NEW doll "ELF Ver. Little Y. " pre-order

Dec 31, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Happy new year!!^_^​

      Name:Little Y.(ELF Ver.)
      The girth : 21.5cm / 8inch
      Skin color : normal/white
      The suitable eyes : 16~18mm
      The distinction of sex : Possible to be a boy or girl depend on painting
      The state : no parting line, blank(the painted OR-doll pictures are samples.)
      Suitable bodys : Volks - SD girl, SDboy,Loongsouldoll girl body……

      Sales Price:$110

      * "Little Y.(ELF Ver.)" only receive the orders till February from now.and can be shipped in the end of February.
      * Make up need 2 weeks.

      The color of head matches with our own SD body(PS Fresh Skin, made in June 2010),
      but depending on the body's condition or manufacturing lot, there could have a little color difference.
      Bubbles and patches may appear on the surface when make a process of polishing.
      All heads in this page are normal skin color.