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New Doll Eyes Company - Everpurple

Jul 5, 2007

    1. Recently I found new urethane eyes company in Korea.
      It's first time to release, so I'm not sure about their quality.
      But I love the colors. +_+

    2. The eyes are 42$ regardless of the size.
    3. And I can't figure how to pay shipping?
      Looks like you order, (they mention an order form? I'm unclear on posting on order board too), then they send you shipping price? Then you pay?

      In the pictures, the eye colors look gorgeous! :dance
    4. These eyes look a LOT like the eyes Serendipity is offering now. (Except Serendipity is selling glass versions.) - I wonder if its the same maker?
    5. It says the pre-order doesn't start until July 6. Since their order instructions have slots set for shipping to different countries, but not filled in, I'm assuming they'll put up shipping once it officially starts.
    6. Yeah, but Serendipity only seems to be offering 16 or 18 mm vs. EverPurple which has larger and smaller sizes. ^^