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New Doll Heart Outfits

Apr 30, 2005

    1. Oh my gosh! That brown one would be so perfect for Lawrence. And I haven't been able to buy him any clothes since I picked him up in Japan, so maybe this is my chance to get him something nice. :grin:

      Thanks for the heads-up!
    2. Very nice outfits, but I wish that kilt was in SD/SD13 size instead of MSD. My Shiwoo would look soooo good in it. :grin:

    3. is there any indication of when they will be on sale or is pretty much "check the website 10 times a day if you want to have any chance of getting these" :/
    4. I've already been checking the website 20 times a day.. but since Pasu Lau is out of the country at the moment, I doubt anything will be changing until he gets back. *counts down the days* I want those outfits, badly.
    5. Omg MSD outfits! Hurrah! :D Not really my cuppa tea, this one, but I hope this means there will be more in the future!
    6. I love the elegy of tints outfits - yowza! Thanks! I'll be checking that often...
    7. oh, oh, love the Elegy of Tints and the Street Raider outfits... how many of these are generally available? because I have a feeling that once orderable, these are going to sell out before I can nab them. :cry:
    8. Wow I had no idea DH was selling those School of Vambane outfits through Haute Doll! :o They're both so awesome! Though on the high side I'd say they're well worth it(considering the outfit comes with a wig and a pair of kick-ass boots!). I really love that 'Real Ancestor' one.

      DollHeart's site is one that I just keep forgetting to check so I'll keep checking back here for any announcements as to when their new outfits will be released, I really love that Street Raider outfit too.

    9. well, the School of Vambane outfits through Haute Doll are already sold out!

      to me the price was a bargain, considering that a wig costs at least $20 to $60... and all the accessories that come with this? and the boots, you know are worth at least $50 or $60! :)
    10. Woohoo! Thanks for the tip! I went ahead and nabbed one for Lawrence. :grin:
    11. Yay! Thanks for the link, Lauryn! Yoinked an "Elegy of Tints" for my boys X3 My first DollHeart purchase. :daisy