New Doll New Doll Huarong Has Been Realeased

Apr 17, 2016

    1. She is a fairy in Chinese Classics of Mountains and Rivers,she has a beautiful love story with a man....
      Limited Doll Flora Hua Rong(New Charm girl Series) is realeased.We are now holding an activity about her.If you order Fullset Huarong,you can minus $50 in your order value.If you order naked Huarong,you can minus$30 in your order value.The activity will be avaiable for 30 days,from Apr.17th to May 17th,2016.Note:The agent does not participate in this activity.
      Hua Rong,Limited doll,avaiable for 3 months,from Jul.17th,2016.Default body:62cm, female body with flat heels, legs BH314031,with big breast.Body and breast both can be replaced,but the price would be adjusted.If you have any problems,just feel free to contact us: [email protected]
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    2. Are there any photos of Hua Rong's face with no makeup/unpainted?
    3. Links? Pictures?