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New Doll in Mind RAIN 2006 Doll

Jun 9, 2006

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      (I love his lips... hehehe )
    2. I Really Like This Face And The Skin Colour~~~
    3. He's lovely! *swoon*
    4. I'd love to see some other angles of the head! He looks fabulous.
    5. He looks gorgeous! :D I love that wine color wig and those pretty pink eyes on him. *-*
    6. I'd like to see him with bigger eyes ^-^

      loving the mouth
    7. Oh~~ Me too! I'd love to see him with bigger eyes and I adore his mouth! I hope his resin colour will match other company's boy bodies easily. D:
    8. *wonders if he's named after the musician*
    9. :D If only he would be mini sized I would buy in a heartbeat. He's gorgeous.
    10. Me too. Some of their head molds have such dramatic profiles, this one seems a little more subtle.

      I really liked the old version rain but I like the new one too, I really can't see them as being the same boy though.
    11. Ahhh another boy :) I have 4 large DIMs and two minis... I guess this boy will come live here too - I have been waiting to see what he was going to look like and I am not disappointed - mores the pity. Guess I could just work harder to be able to bring him home...
    12. <3! Rain was the DIM doll I loved back when they had shots of their old dolls on their site... I'm so happy to see him back again. I would love to see more shots of him too - especially wiht larger eyes.
    13. I'm kind of bummed. I was waiting so impatiently for the remake of this one...and I've got to say, I liked the old version of Rain so much more. This new one's nice, but he's missing something in my opinion.
    14. Ah, he's so beautiful! I'd definitely like to see pics of him with bigger eyes, too XD
    15. I really want to see some pics of this new resin color once people start getting it. *intrigued*

      I wonder if the new Rain will be gone after this year ends. <.<
    16. Does anyone have saved photos of the old Rain? I can't even remember enough to tell the difference between them... I just know I loved the old Rain.
    17. I know there's a few small shots of the open and sleepy eyed versions on the Gigglegeek site and I'm sure there's pictures in the sculptor's studio site...I'd provide likage but I'm at work right now. :(
    18. Wow! This confirms it, DIM really makes the best sculpts (for my tastes, anyway). I just really like the proportions of their heads - it always has the right balance to the features.

      It's too bad Rain isn't a mini, since I don't plan to buy bigger dolls, but he's awesome anyway. :D I hope DIM creates a mini boy sometime soon...
    19. Edit: Oops, double post Dx

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