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Update New Doll-Leaves Dealers!! + Owner photos requested + June promotion!

May 31, 2010

    1. Doll-Leaves now has two dealers for the US.


      Location: Arkansas


      Now all 16cm babies are in stock in Dollpeddlar. Customers in USA can contact them to buy now^^

      Heartstring Serenade
      Location: Cincinnati Ohio


      Now Heartstring Serenade is now accepting pre-orders for All sized dolls and items.
      Also Heartstring Serenade can be contacted on DoA for questions if Need be, Feel free to contact Keet or myself about anything.

      If you submit any pictures to Doll-leaves please be sure they are under 600 wide pixels in size! Height isn't limited.

      Thank you!!
    2. A new Update posted tonight from Doll-Leaves.