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New doll made of resin - "MUJOO"

Mar 15, 2008

    1. Dear,

      We are happy to announce the release of three new type.

      The height is 28cm(mujoo), 20cm(minihue), Cojoo(16cm).
      We would appreciate your support and interest.
    2. Hang on, on the other thread (which was locked) you claimed these dolls were made of ABS. Are you now claiming these are resin just so they won't get banned on DoA?
    3. The basic line of dolls are ABS but they have a line of resin dolls as well! They make both :)
    4. awww, Mujoo looks adorable ^-^
      Do you have a store? :3
    5. Even if they do make these dolls both in resin and in ABS, that doesn't automatically make the resin ones legitimate on DoA. They just look like resin Blythes to me and really don't fit the aesthetic of ABJDs. I will be very interested in the mods' verdict on these dolls.
    6. These dolls are currently being discussed and researched by the moderators and administrators of the board. Thanks!
    7. These dolls have been deemed "off topic" for Den of Angels.