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NEW DOLL: NARIN FIREFLY by Bimong of Narin Creative

Jun 1, 2009

    1. Hi everyone,
      Here is where you can chat about Firefly, Bimong's new little tiny BJD.


      I have the prototype of her here, so I can answer lots of questions for you.

    2. Squeee! i just found my new tiny treasure :) Shes so lovely & I really adore her proportions!
    3. What size is she? :)
    4. At IDEX, we showed the prototype to all kinds of industry people and doll collectors. Over and over people said that even though they never had liked small dolls before, they thought she was just the cutest thing they'd ever seen. And "I HAVE TO HAVE HER!" was what most people said.

      Her jointing and the precision of how she stands and fits is just amazing. Bimong is a master doll artist with his own doll academy in Seoul.

      A treasure indeed! I'm so glad she's ready now. It's been hard waiting...

      Catclawtub, she's just over 18cm, which is just over 7 inches tall. So she sits perfectly in your hand.

    5. wow. I want.

      nore pics please??? and also of her joints and body please!!


      Edit: nvm, I feel stupid. All pics in the news thread :D a little chubby for me, but nonetheless cute!
    6. She's utterly adorable, really like a little girl of two or three.

      I'm not normally a fan of Narin doll, but Firefly really appeals to me. But she only comes in French resin? I foresee major owner pics stalking in my future.
    7. Holy kapoodles! She's a perfect friend to the elfdoll new tinies! And she looks like she'd fit in Bratz clothing as well, like the new tinies? Or maybe her bumm is a bit bigger? It seems a bit wider in the pictures??

      Very cute!
    8. Katrina, her colors would be the same as the French resin on Narae, correct? Would you happen to have pics of a example of the tanning resin?

      Thanks :)
    9. When I try to purchase her at: http://www.dollfair.com/firefly.htm the shipping costs are automatically added >.<

      You said that price is $250 US including shipping, didn't you? Is it dor International or only for the US? Is there any price reduction in the International shipping?

      In adition: Is it a special promotional price for the first buyers or it will be the regular price?

      Does she use face-plates?

      Thanks, she is awesome :D
    10. She is adorable! *puts on must have list*
    11. there is a GOD ! Narin ...Tiny ...French resin
      Now I just have to think of what colour resin I want :)
    12. LOL Tinybear! Right up your alley. Gorgeous like all of Bimong's sculpts.
    13. She is oh so sweet, definitely a must-have. I'm a bit confused about the shipping cost as well though...
    14. I looked at the resin colours and fell for the tan. This is so bad. I am not buying any more dollies until I have the money. Can't use the savings. But she is just so cute. I love the size too. I want to see her in more poses, too.
    15. :DSquee!! I just had to look at her, and now I want her in tan resin......I have enough tinies and 1SD, 1MSD coming.........I think the tinies are taking over*_*, dies from the cuteness.
    16. She is a must-have! I love her! ;A;

      I hope she'll come in matte resin one day. *dreams*

      Might i add that her butt is adorable!
    17. Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

      Regarding the shipping, she costs $250 and the shipping is extra, depending on your location. We ship around the world, so shipping will depend on where you live.

      Can't wait to see the first ones arrive.. a tiny army of Fireflies... how sweet will that be?
    18. She is so beautiful...does she fit Blythe clothes or Riley stuff?
    19. I *need* her. I love everything by Narin, and I'm in the market for a chubby tiny.

      Based on her measurements, she's just a tiny bit smaller than the 8" Mme Alexander and Ginny dolls, and so she might be able to wear their clothing. She's perfectly chubby for their outfits.

      Measurements for Firefly
      Height: 7 1/4 inches tall, about 18 cm
      Foot: 1 1/8 inches long, 2.75 cm
      Wig: just over 4 1/2 inches (size 4/5)
      Hips: 5 inches, 12.75 cm
      Bust: 4 1/8 inches, 10.25cm
      Eyes: approximately 8mm
      (from Dollfair website)