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New doll of Angell-studio"Zhi Yu" ----Ancient China series

Dec 1, 2010

    1. Just a question: Will the clothes be released separately?
    2. 管理员[admin] Reply: 10-11-30 10:07 Hello,yes,the clothes can be bought separately.^^

      Question was asked/ answered at the bottom of the Zhi Yu page.
    3. are there going to be more pictures of her?
    4. Yes,we'll release more pictures of her in the coming days. and she will appear in different version.^^
    5. News update

      Zhi Yu will appear in four versions,which are already confirmed as below:
      1. Human version
      2. SP Human version
      3.Genie version
      4.SP Genie version
      Welcome to visit our website for more~ =^__^=

      Thank you.<3
      SP Human version of Zhi Yu.^^

    6. 3.Genie version of Zhi Yu--Que ^^
    7. OH My! She is gorgeous. I hope I get enough money for Christmas to order her. What color is her resin in the picture?
    8. Hello,dear friend^^
      Thank you so much for you love of our Que.^^
      The default of her skintone(shows in the picture) is translucent pink.^^
    9. WOW, So cute.
      I love Sleep Hunam Version,
      In one reder, I get two version or one version?
    10. I'm confused. Is this doll limited? I went to the homepage and Genie Zhi Yu is shown as being added to the site on 12-7-10, and now she is listed as sold out.
      Is she sold out, or is she not for sale yet, the AS homepage doesn't say. :(
    11. Hello,you can order Sleep Human version,
      or you can choose to order Human version of Zhi Yu,too.
      It's all up to you. ^__^
    12. Hello,dear friend. Genie version of Zhi Yu(Que) is not sold out.
      She is just not for sell at the moment.
      Since we release the Christmas Promotion for her,
      orders above certain ammount will get Que 's head as a free offer. ^^
    13. Such beautiful girls! Do you do layaways?
    14. Tell me please. why the two girls included in the set is the same (as it is written on the site), and the price is very different?
    15. I think I know what you're asking. If you mean Que and Que SP the $300 version Que is the human doll, and the $440 version is the genie doll, who comes with extra genie parts with wings on them (for the arms and the legs and the head). I assume the special parts make the doll cost more. I think that's what you were asking. I apologize if it was not.
    16. Hello,dear^^
      Thanks for your love.^^ Yes, we accept layaway.^^
    17. Hello,dear Gabihim, thank you very much for your answer for us.^^
      Yes. our Que SP means Que special version. and Que SP is totally a genie girl.^^ If you buy the doll,the wings,wing ears and other wing-like parts are included. ^^