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New Doll "Tank" by "Dust of DollS"

Mar 22, 2010

    1. She looks really awesome, I hope she will come out in tan someday!
    2. Just a hug to 2 amazing artists! Go go guys, Tank the doll will conquer the world! ^^

      Unoa_im_afreak > she's already created in tan version, but it's a light tan.
    3. Hmmm, very interesting!
      I dont know, there, different
      Very interesting!
    4. Nyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Algesiras *big puppy shiny eyes* Thannnnnks *hug*

      Unoa_im_afreak > yes, our two ones are pale tan, a bit like the narin-tan (less gray I think). Dunno if we'll make a darker tan one day, it's a lot lot of job >___<

      Thanks for the discussion thread o//
    5. They are adorable and I really love the expression on her face! Her little bow legs are just too cute like a shy little girl!
    6. Aaagh! I love her!!! Wonderful character and personality, beautiful hands and a REAL NOSE!!! Finally, a bjd with a NOSE BRIDGE, haha!

      I'm going to see if I can afford her once the price is known... :-)

      Congrats to her makers, she's splendid!
    7. Thanks guys for some reason I didn't see the thing about them being available in tan :doh:
    8. i like her too she is so unique. i want her in the light tan. i hope i can afford her. beautiful!
    9. I love her so much, but since her last auction went for $950, she's way beyond my budget if she doesn't get made on larger scale and not by hand anymore ;_;
    10. What a fascinating, interesting, wonderful little doll! Her oddness is totally winning! I can't wait to see more from your company and good luck!!
    11. She looks really cool and I can't wait to see what else comes from this duo in the future! ^^
    12. Oh $950! uh yeah thats way too high for me too. too bad i really like this doll.
    13. I couldn't find an auction listing??? Was this an ebay auction? I looked but it's not showing up (even in completed items).

      Yeah, too much for my anemic budget this year (thank you crap economy), but it's great to see that she's already such a success!

    14. I don't know about the auction, but I got a PM when I asked in the news thread what the price would be and that was what I got as a reply.
    15. shes very interesting. she reminds me of the "I Robot" movie
    16. well hopefully they will ask for a more reasonable price when they sell them that is more than i think most of us can handle during these economic times. i wonder if $950 was for a fullset and/or if they will offer blank "basic" dolls at a more affordable price...i was pretty excited when i saw her but at close to a grand i wont be able to afford her.
    17. At first glance I was kind of "meh" about her, but I really love her body! She's like a cartoon character. I would definitely add her to my collection if I could afford her, but she wouldn't really fit in with the rest of my crew. ^^;
    18. Oooh! Ditto! I'd love to have her as a basic, but at $950 unfortunately I would have to pass.
    19. I really like this interesting little girl. She has such a whimsical feel to her. And I LOVE the shape of her nose and lips! :)