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New Dollfie Dream doll body?

Nov 18, 2004

    1. They claim that they've made "8 revolutionary changes" to the DD body, most of which involve their "patent-pending Secret Joint" system, which is now in their upper arms, their thighs, etc. This, they claim, in combination with the easy-remove hands and feet and super-soft ABS/Nylon combination resin (?!) will make DD the most poseable amazing body ever. They seem pretty convinced of this, to the extent that they say the beautiful and enhanced movements will give you limitless/infinite posing possibilities.

      Apparently they're not sure whether they'll be selling this body (DD Base Body II) on its own, but it will come on the DP12 Mirai and Candy. (But not Asakura Nemu II, apparently?)
    2. OMG I want Mirai SO badly anyway and now they have a new issue of her with this body!?!! OMG!! *dies*
    3. *grumbles* I was hoping it would be a Dollfie Dreams boy body. :cry:
    4. Wow, the skeleton frames of the Obitsu and the new DD are strikingly similar. I think the -only- thing DD has on Obitsu is 1. the Volks name (which is handy for all the fan-bois) and 2. nicer looking joints. But, IMO, that's it.

      Thanks for the comparison. :)
    5. So what are they going to do, cover that with a vinyl skin, or is that the base body? I think its kinda creepy and Avesha does so want a brother.
    6. Now that I'm over my dissapointment in it not being a boy, I must say, the joints look a lot nicer on the new Dollfie Dreams bodies then the Obitsu 60cm ones. *wants*
    7. Ack I was talking about a DD boy the other day, that would be fantastic! But I do admit I do like the look of this new body and I cannot complain about the re-releasing of candy and mirai again, I wants them both so badly :D
    8. I wonder if Obitsu is feeling ripped off? The skeletal systems look almost identical. But, I have to admit, the Volks body has nicer outside joints in that there are no visible screws. Also, I like the shape of the Volks legs better. With that said, I have to say I just love my 60cm Obitsu. I still think she's a very underated girl. And some were saying that the DD body stained easily, but I have not found this to be true with my Obitsu.

    9. Emi,

      It's just like Volks to do that and release the newer body version on Candy/Mirai and not on the other character doll or even as a seperate standard body. What better way to get people to buy into Candy/Mirai. Hehe!

      Looking at the new joint combo, in a way, kinda pisses me off because I hate how my DD's body was constructed, in terms of not holding poses as well, especially the legs. I can get her to stand very well when I lock her legs and hips but other than that, I hate her wobbly legs when not standing still.

      They should have done this the first time around!
    10. ARgh, that was me...not logged in again! I HATE how the forum doesn't require you to be logged in to post!
    11. Looks like they haven't fixed the super-arched back yet. Darn.
    12. ...I like the super-arched back... ^_^;;;
    13. I do too...it's what makes the DD special!
    14. Yep, exactly!!

      ... AHHHHHHH!!! I WANT MIRAI II!!!!!!!!!

    15. Oh don't get me wrong - I have a DD and I love her back. But, it makes it nearly impossible to sit up all on her own. At least, not straight - she always wants to lean way back.