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NEW Dollfie Dream girls Femi and Cheryl!!

Aug 3, 2005

    1. YAY!! You know me and how much I love Dollfie Dream so I had to start a new thread for them ^_^

      Currently they both have Mirai's description, but it looks like they might both be new head sculpts! Looks like it's time to update the DDFAQ again! XD


      It looks like the Japanese site has not been updated completely yet, but in addition to Femi and Cheryl there is

      appearing for the Dollpa 2 Nagoya ^_^

    2. ;-; I don't want another DD. I don't. I don't.
    3. I don't NEED to get a DD. ;______;
    4. Wow! That Kotori is Cool! :D She has an identical school uniform to another DD girl, are they from an anime series?
    5. i love dd's and this only fuels my need to get one (no no phil, don't forget about b-el, no dd until later :evil: )
      philion :oops:
    6. I love Kotori's dress~!
    7. Oh, me too! Kotori's outfit and doll are so super! And Femi's head mold (is Cheryl's the same? Hard to tell with light colored lips) is really cute! All four of them are nice! Oh, this is bad for me.

      Now if they would just make an elf head and a boy body...

      thanks Zevchan for showing these. and I was not going to buy anything but now, oh dear.

      edited to add I found the head mold info on the linked pages, they are two new ones!

      edited again to add they just put up the new Tenshi-No-Koromo dresses and a new short red wig! The wig is neat, would look good on alot of SD boys with the smaller heads!
    8. yeah, Nemu and Kotori are both from Da Capo. It started life as an H game, but the anime is all-ages.
    9. omg those outfits are so cute @_@ These new girls look pretty cute, too :D
    10. I wish there was a larger photo of Sayaka...cuz I am wondering if she is based on Sayaka Takai from Pia Carrot~Sayaka's Love Story. It looks like she has that hair thing goin' on.

      I am pretty much sure I am getting one of these girls, now it's gonna be hard deciding which one.
    11. Thanks Chibistarpower! Sayaka's definitely got that hair thing goin'.

      Looks like they have Femi's and Cheryl's bios updated.
      And they have the La Parsonal DD outfits up, I'm not a pink dress fan, but the new one is pretty dangerous looking! Also up is the Tenshi-no-Koroma outfits.

      I have to go check out the rest of the site before sleeping!
    12. I want I want I want, but I have to save for my FCS boy, awwwww pooo. Cherly is just way to cute and all those new dresses *dies* I think I need to buy one of those sew dresses. That isn't as bad as buying a doll right?
    13. Who are the three girls under kotori?
      the one in the middle with the brown hair and braids is really cute!
    14. Just a thing: YAY SHOUJO AI! - 'cause I think they made shoujo ai couples ^^
    15. http://www.volks.co.jp/en/dollfiedream/heads/index_heads.aspx

      That's DDH-03 (dollfie dream optional head #3 with open eyes)-- I know what you mean; isn't she adorable?? Femi and Sayaka have made my mind spin~ they're so highly anime-styled, but I can't help but find them so attractive.
      I even love the girl-love concept ;D

      edit: what's GREAT is that DDH-03 only costs $40 :D

      pps. I also LOVE that pink and white Rabi~en~Rose-enspired confectionary girl dress X3 so cute!

      correction: I think that actually may be the eyeholes-closed version of DD03 (as in, her eyes are painted on instead of having glass ones)
    16. my Dollfie Dream is so lonely, she really needs another like her. The resin dolls outnumber her and she feels left out.

      I just wonder if Sayaka and Kotori will be available on-line post party. Were the Sirrus dolls available on-line after the Dolpa?
    17. I really hope they have them in the After-Event.. I REALLY don't want to go through Y!J to get Sayaka... that adds like, another $150 to her price.. =[
    18. Is it very hard to get a limited DD? I really like Femi.... Will she be available to order on the site?? :(
    19. Femi and Cheryl already have their photos and bios up on the main Volks site under Dream Dollfie, so should be available there. As for the other two, so far no info as to if they will only be for sale at the Dolpa. Probably just as well, as much as I would like to have Sayaka, need to watch my Dollfie dollars.