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New Dollfie Dream option heads

Mar 6, 2005

    1. I know these are announced for Dollpa Kyoto 3, but since the Volks website says "Coming Soon" for these items rather than "Dollpa Kyoto 3 Limited Edition", I thought it should get it's own category. :grin:


      As you can see, the new Optional Heads include a new Open eye head and a new Closed eye head (both are Rei Ayanami's default head from what I can see)
      These retail for the same price as the original Open and Closed eye heads...

      And now they are offering a Custom Hair Head which, like the LE Lagla, has ROOTED HAIR (just like the 1/6 Dollfie)
      You get quite a selection of hair colors too!
      02.Shining Brown
      04.Copper Brown
      11.Natural gold
      12.Classic gold
      18.Dark red
      19.Navy blue
      These retail for around 50.00us

      Now if only they would release that DDIF body... And a boy... we still need a DD boy...
    2. I still like the Chii head. I wish they'd hurry up and release the v.2 body as standard. I want a Chii doll. *helpless anime junkie*
      ... but boy! We need a DD boy. *melts*
    3. Grrr! Yes, DD boy! I don't care about the new heads. ^^;;;
    4. For some reason I really wouldn't mind having a DD now. o.o
    5. I would like to customize this new head, it can be a pretty doll as Rei Ayanami is. I´m curious about the things that people can do with this new head.

      About the rooted head, do you know if it´s is going with the eyes paint also or is only will be a rooted head as the dollfies, with the face in black? I prefer it to came with the eyes done, the one in the pictures is nice *_*
    6. It looks to me like the eyes in the picture are the decals that they sell for Dollfie Dream. I expect she will not come with eyes already, but only time will tell ^_^
    7. Ok..bit of a *stupid* question, the old heads will still be up for sale right?
      I want the old one so I can make a Chii too! But I just gotta get me the new body somehow! :grin:

    8. Probably they will came without as the dollfies, but as you say... only the time will say it.

      Arg I want the one with red hair >_< !!
    9. I'm pretty sure they still will be, yes ^_^
    10. Thanks!
      I just got some Chii ears, but if there gonna stop making the old heads..I'll have to get one fast!!

    11. =3 Yay! I've been holding off on a DD simply because I didn't like the heads... eeee! Yay-ness