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New Dollheart items at Angels Cave.

Nov 12, 2008

    1. The new Dollheart Pre-order outfits and the new lucky packs are now up for ordering on Angels Cave.


      Please note: Shiping is a flat rate world wide!

      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
    2. UPdate:
      Update for the dates.....I need to stop posting in a rush >_<

      Pre-Order Period:
      PREORDER ENDS: November 25th 2008.
      ITEMS SHIPPING: January 2009/February 2009.
    3. I've never ordered any type of Dollheart clothing - How do we specify whether we want SD10 or SD13 clothing for girls?
    4. SD10/SD13 clothes fit both SD10 and SD13 unless otherwise stated.
    5. Thank you for that Nalee, it was my late night at work! :sweat

      adhara :The Dollheart sizes tend to be "one size fits all" So they make it fit most body sizes.

      If send me a PM with the size and make of girl you have, we can find out how the fit will be on the outfits. ^_^