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New Dollheart MSD Fer about to be launched at Featherfall!

Apr 14, 2009

    1. We're happy to announce that on May 1st the Unoa/ MSD O-Hanami Fer will be launched!
      It will be a limited release, so don't miss out!


      Also - for those that missed it, given that we have been unable to work our kinks with the ISPs that are bouncing our newsletter, we have gotten a twitter account at: http://www.twitter.com/featherfall

      You have to follow it, but then it should be able to give you instant alerts, for instance when the fer go up for sale. They will still be announced through the newsletter as well, but we hope this will allow more people to receive the products alerts in a timely fashion!


      Don't forget our Dollheart pre-order is currently open, so its a good chance to save on shipping.
    2. Is this fer peach? Parts look peach and others look pink. What is it called?
    3. Also are the fabrics crips sewn in or is it the ironed type?
    4. yikesitsmindy : It's called O-hanami which means the celebration of the cherry blossoms . That swatch is the upper right corner in the actual fabric they will be using. The photos themselves are a color layover (artist rendition) of the color.

      Fauxreal : I'm not sure what you're referring to actually. Sufficed to say, it's constructed the same way all Dollheart fer are/have been.
    5. Oh it is so pretty, so for shipping to the uk, it will come straight from doll heart or from you guys?
    6. Sorry about the delay in response. Unfortunately no, they will ship from Canada when all have arrived - however, you can always organize a group order, and inquire about bulk shipping discounts. Thanks for the interest!
    7. As a heads up - they have just launched for ordering now - they're live on the site!