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New Dollheart outfits: Valentine

Jan 31, 2005

    1. Luckily you did cause I would too :D
    2. YAYAY! I spied these on their site on a postcard and have been waiting for a month for them to show. I might have to get the boy set too for the boy I hope someday I will buy? She sez plaintively...

    3. Eeep! The boys outfits are all gone? I think I think I got the last girl outfit. I would have *died* if I missed it. I hope they put up more?


      If anyone bought the boy outfit and is having second thoughts, LET ME KNOW!
    4. well they sold up to number 6 out of 20 so maybe you'll be able to snag one next time.
    5. Cool, thank you! I wasn't sure how many they had put on ebay.

      I've written them direct too... I will relax now.

    6. duh, that was me.
    7. Well, they still seem to be availble through the site....

      *resists the urge to buy BOTH sets for her new boy* ^^;;;
    8. I don't see them available on the DollHeart site...!!! :(

      It directs to the ebay auctions--and those say there are Zero left!
    9. WhAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I was looking at those this morning but i thought i'd better wait and see if i had enough money!! And i DID! But now they are all gone!!! :barf :crushed

      too slow Rachie....
    10. will DollHeart be putting more of these up on eBay? I would write to them, but if others have contacted them with the same question, I'd rather not be a bother...so does anyone know? :oops:
    11. dollheart has them up on the web site, but they link to the ebay pages to buy them.
    12. Damnit!

      I'm trying to GET my new boy and he would look so good in these! ;O;
    13. sadness. while they may have produced 20 sets of each, what was sold on ebay was all that was allotted to the western market, the rest went to Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. here's their note:

      They are so nice! And I'm glad I got the girly outfit.

    14. rats... :cry:

      I try and check ebay and the shops and this forum constantly... I checked it late at night and then in the morning... and I STILL missed getting these!!! Geesh... and I thought I was spending too much time looking for clothes! 'Can't win... :(
    15. I've been wanting one of these since I first saw the preview pics a month or so ago. So glad I was able to snag one of the girl outfits! Anyone know when they'll be shipping? I have a couple of other Dollheart outfits and they're really nice. This is the most expensive one.