New Dollheart Preorder ( DECEMBER!)

Oct 13, 2010

    1. SNOW WHITE , Dollheart Style! ( Late december pre-order)
      Limited edition releases of clothing of sizes Yo-SD to 70 cms.

      Now available for pre-ordering at Featherfall!

      For any questions please contact us through our customer service, as we are rarely on DOA.

      Don't forget our FREE SHIPPING PROMOTION ends on DECEMBER 31st!

      Our exclusive LE Persimmon FER ( SD sized) will be launched soon too - pictures should be up in the next week or so.

      Some teaser images - the rest should be up on the site under the CLOTHES> Dollheart section.


    2. Will you/Dollheart be offering the Alice dresses for seperate sale? It's such a shame they are sold together.

    3. The pink dress set is available separately ( its listed on our site now) but as it comes with the shoes/ wig its $199; If you can get someone to do a split the dress sets are a better deal.

      Currently there are no plans to offer the Blue one separately at all however, as the only information we were given was about the pink one.

      Wigs have also been listed, under the clothes> Dollheart section to keep everything together.
    4. Visit our site to see the new Alice in Wonderland sets, including the Queen & King of Hearts, and Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. Many other new Wonderland characters' costumes also available, such as Mad Hatter, White Rabbit (comes with a pocket watch), Cheshire Cat and more. Don't miss Bloody Alice, too!

      While there, join the Players Club for early pre-order specials!

      Still Plays With Dolls
    5. [​IMG]

      We ship world wide from the UK. No customs fees!

      Dollheart Preorder now up!


      There is a “Romance of Palace” theme to this months order, with some lovely regency dresses, and a new range of items for Volks SD16 girls! Please note that the SD16 items have been modeled specifically on Volks SD16 bodies, and may not fit other similar sizes. We are looking forward to seeing more in this range!

      AC are taking orders until 28th January 2010, and the items will be shipping around April time.

      As always if you have any questions, please email me at the shop:

      Direct Link:




    6. Mods: I didn't see this posted anywhere - but please feel free to delete or move.

      2010 Dollheart Fukubukuro

      Fukubukuro is available!

      Each Fukubukuro cross over all of our items from wigs, clothes and shoes in order to make it as a funny events.
      Each USD$59.9 Fukubukuro will contain value USD$120-140 Dollheart products.

      You can choose SD13 Boy ,SD 10/13Girl and MSD.

      Fukubukuro bags are available for pre-order through:


    7. [​IMG]

      We ship world wide from the UK. No customs fees!


      Hello everyone!

      Angels-Cave now has Dollheart Fukubukuro’s (Lucky Packs) up for sale on the preorder page!

      These will be available for a limited time only – usually about a month, so make sure you get your orders in early! Fukubukuro’s will be shipping in waves, so some may come faster than others, some may have the usual preorder wait time. We will post more info as we get it!

      Gourami-Tea has also opened up faceup slots for November! These are possably the last slots she will be able to take on before Christmas, and they are filling up fast! Check the aesthetics page in the shop for more information, and email Aesthetics@angels-cave to book a slot.

      For any other questions please email me at:

      Variety of outfits for dolls Lati -yellow sized to 70 cms, now up for pre-order!

      Don't forget that you can use our FREE SHIPPING HOLIDAY PROMOTION! ( Applies to orders of $75 plus in the contiguous US/ CANADA only); details on the site!!

      ( if you have any questions please contact us through customer service, as we are rarely on DoA)


    9. The early bird pre-order specials for Players Club members run through November 30! Join the Club today and pre-order!

      Shirley & Jean Ann
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    10. Snow White, the Price, the Evil Queen and even the seven Dwarfs - all available for pre-order this month from Dollheart and Still Plays With Dolls.

      Join the Players Club (it's free!) and get special pricing on early pre-orders!

      Come visit us at our website,

      Shirley & Jean Ann
      Still Plays With Dolls