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New Dollheart wigs on ebay...

Jan 14, 2005

    1. *bounces* Wow, that really is a good price considering it comes in a nice box along with a wire wig stand!

      *just ordered one*
    2. Those look really nice :D I ordered 4 :oops:
    3. Wow, I love the blonde wavy ones! 10 inches seems a bit big though, sounds perfect for my Nono but that might be too big for some of the dolls with smaller heads like Jun and Soo?
    4. Maybe they have an elasticated rim? Otherwise, they'll fit as long as you put velcro on them, or use the thick rubber band around the head technique.
    5. i own a dollheart wig already and wouldn't have said it was ten inches.. but yeah could be( i think it and the smaller side of about 10 inches. i have a dd wear it. it does have elastic on the rim and is very nice.
      if you want i'll fish the wig out and tell you alittle more (i haven't had it out for a while) i'll do that tomorrow.
      i keep eyeing one up for my lad :oops:
    6. If you could, that would be very helpful ^^ I have a Jun, and she has the same size head as a Dollfie Dream. I keep worrying that the wigs I've bought her will be too big (I ordered several from Cancan but they're not here yet) before I spend another $25 or $50 on those nice dollheart wigs I want to be sure they're going to fit her.
    7. Gah, I love styled wigs like these. X_X Wish they came in MSD size!
    8. Not me - else I'd be sosososo broke. :oops:
    9. My 60 cm girl isn't here yet--I'm so broke. :/
      The pink straight wig & the gothic shoes.

      it's got to be the mind-control ray.

      Ann in CT
    10. I have said Dollheart wig and it fits Lilly/Jun fine, thanks to the elastic rim. I'm probably going to order one, just have to wait and build up the bank account a little more. :oops:
    11. okay please keep in mind that mine is an older dollheart wig. it does have elastic and it runs along the back half of the cap.
      it's a tiny but loose on a bald DD head. it's snug on a delf boy head
    12. I went and caved lolz. My F08 head won't have a body for a while. She hasn't even arrived yet! I said no SD stuff for my F08 until she has a body...... but I went and bought one of the long blonde ones XD.
    13. I bought two wigs and the black gothicheels. I have a preorder with Leeke for 2 wigs.
      I do not need any more wigs! *_*
      I must be nuts. But these wigs are really neat.