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NEW DOLLING STUDIO: The art of Gu Mi Jung- OPEN ORDERING + Free Make a Doll Kit

Apr 8, 2010

    1. [​IMG]



      DOLLING STUDIO- Now open at www.dollingstudio.com

      We are proud to announce the opening of Dolling Studio... featuring the doll art of Korean artist Gu Mi Jung. She is very famous in Korea for Narsha Dolls, which were featured in a thriller movie. And Zaoll, a beautiful girl with exquisite hands. Gu Mi Jung is also known to be the very first student of master doll artist Bimong, who runs Bimong Doll Academy.

      For our first ordering period, we are offering two of her dolls named Q-Pito and MJ Koo.
      Each doll ordered will get you a free Mini Dolling Kit.. which you can creatively customize as you wish!


      Q-Pito is a charming little BJD boy at 42 cm, with a really interesting mechanized mouth.


      You can order him blank, and without wig or eyes, or choose a makeup style done by Gui Mi Jung and choose the exact wig and eyes you like best! Her makeup fee of $50 includes both the face style of your choice, as well as hand and nail paint. Her hands are exquisite.
      Q-Pito comes in one skin color, and you also have your choice of French resin or urethane resin. Q-Pito's ordering page is here.

      Q-Pito Discussion Thread here on DOA


      Start with parts, and end up with a cute doll you design yourself.

      Some designs Gu Mi Jung made from her Mini Dolling kits:

      Thanks everyone!
    2. Will the girl in the 1st through 3rd pictures become availible?
    3. The dolls in the first through third photos are art dolls made for exhibition. If you are interested in one of them to go into production for sale, I can ask her if that is possible.

      Thanks for your interest!
    4. Gu Mi-Jung has a Flickr account here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/qpito/

      I've e-mailed her before about her doll project plans and she's very kind. ^^
    5. She's been living at the hospital because her grandmother is sick; please contact me if you have a question for her at this time... then she will be able to reply easier in one email. Thanks.
    6. Have these dolls all been approved as on-topic by the mods?
    7. I saw them mentioned in other threads (they have been available mainly from Korea) and they were not off topic.

      The mini doll kits are not strung and are not for sale-- they are free gifts. I am not selling them here, just showing them as the free gift (like shoes or clothing or eyes.. they are just accessories you can put with your dolls, like pets).
    8. MJ Koo is not on-topic for Den of Angels because her wrists and ankles are not jointed. Dollyhollic - please remove MJ Koo from your Announcement - thanks! The mods are discussing Q-Pito!
    9. Ok thanks Zag, I did that. Also remarked the discussion topic in Tiny for deletion.

      Fingers crossed for Q-Pito!
    10. Q-pito has been deemed on-topic for DoA!
    11. Q-Pito says "Thank you DOA!"

      We will post some gallery pictures of Q-Pito later today, showing all kinds of different looks he can have.

      Florianne, I will ask the artist in my next email and get back to you. She sent me some drawings of a new doll she is working on, and I am anxious to go see those now. Gu Mi Jung enjoys trying many new styles, and hopefully we'll have many more things from this talented woman over the next few months.
    12. When does the first order period end?
    13. Q-pito was sold at herrendoll before. There is an archive news thread from 2008. Herren has a my dolling section, too.
      Is Gu Mi Jung also the sculptor of the other herren girls? It says so in the old news thread. Does that mean, we can have dolls like those wonderful girls from You in future? The girl in the first 2 pictures looks like them. *being excited*
    14. The Herrendoll website has dolls sculpted by numerous artists. If you look by each picture, there is a mention of the sculptor, stylist, and who did the photography. Gu Mi Jung did the photography of Samantha Herren dolls, not the sculpting.

      Gu Mi Jung sculpts/sculpted: Narsha (and friends), Zaoll Luv, Zaoll Muse, Q-Pito, and Mj. Koo
      Jung-Hee Park sculpted: Bambola
      Shin Young-A sculpted: Samantha Herren
      Hyeon Jeong Lee sculpted: Saeyan
    15. any news from the artist?
    16. Hello everyone
      Dolling is by artist Gu Mi Jung, who was Bimong's first student.

      She has a friendship with the Herrendoll artist, and they had Gu Mi Jung's dolls on the Herrendoll site. Some of the other artists are people I have not met, but the common thread is they are friends of Bimong or former students.

      Anyone who wants to order a Dolling doll and get the special Mini Doll kit free, please order by this weekend as we are sending her the order Monday morning!

      Thank you for your support and interest.