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NEW Dollmore Asha Rosee

Nov 12, 2005

    1. The mermaid ears are adorable best ones I have seen yet!

      Would love to see a bigger boob on her though.
    2. Yeah, big boobs are fun T_T lol

      Never seen Mermaid ears on a BJD yet! ^_^ Why so many dolls now when I want a Unoa? x_x;
    3. So many dolls just keep popping up its getting kinda nuts.
    4. Pretty. I like the mermaid ears ^^
    5. Wow she's adorable. I would like to see her on a more mature body too. But goodnes all those extra ear parts are awesome. *tells self that she doesn't need another doll*
    6. I agree. It's sorta like pouring candy on little kids. I can't handle it. I think this is one of their best LEs.
    7. Groovy! And not a bad value for what you get, really...
    8. She's a child-type body, so of course she has no breasts.

      I think the shell-like mermaid ears are just wonderful.

      Ann in CT
    9. Same here! The mermaid ears are the best part about her! Hmm...no chance of dollmore selling them separately, right? :(
    10. I like the ears, but the rest of her face looks weird.

      They're so... so perfect.
    12. *dies* Oh my god, I have this sadistic case of INSTANT love. T___T Oh god, I love her so.. but so out of budget, out of plan.... *could only pay for half of her at present* :(
    13. so cool! she's so elfy. i love the long elf ears.
    14. Oh my god!! She looks so amazing. :o I love ASHA!
    15. o__o.. I know what I want for xmas now.. omg.. she's so perfect!
    16. I have to say her lips look weird in the pictures, I'd expect them to be beautiful in person though.
    17. odd.. it wont let me order without body blushing.. hm.
    18. You should probably post on the Q&A board and inform Jee Mon, and he'll fix it. :grin:
    19. Oh man!!!!

      I wish they'd have a no-makeup option...

      I am wrestling with myself on this lil' beauty!

      I have a major weakness for "mermaid ears" (my MSDF13 has the Volks version of these)
      and of course ELF EARS!

      If she were beautywhite I'd have ordered by now...
      Thank goodness she's normalskin... :oops: