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New dollmore doll Adam- Amos

Mar 13, 2005

    1. He looks a little like Hugo and a little like El (well at least in the black wig with his nose sticking out)

      Sidenote: Aww, that's so cute! Dollmore distinguishes girls and boys with "Adam" and "Eve" XD
    2. oh~! Love his lips! :D
    3. I don't really care for this headmold but I do see the resemblence between him and Hugo.

      Hugo=love(for me at least :wink: )
    4. He's quite cool.
      He reminds me of David Bowie to look at...I think its the nose and the distance between his nose and mouth.
    5. He reminds me of one of the old Serendipity heads. You know, I was looking at my Serendipity Alice's certificate the other day and at the bottom, it had the little copywrite (sp?) sign and after the sign, it said DOLLMORE.
    6. Ooh... I do like his lips. He looks very serious and bishie. ^^ But the nose bothers me... it seems too short.... -_-;
    7. Wow, Dollmore is coming out with new molds reeeally fast. O_o;
    8. When I saw Amos the first time I thought of those long ago times when New Romantic happened ... you know, Steve Strange, Visage, and God help me, even Duran Duran and many more I forgot... they were definitely trying to copy Bowie anyway back then... and I was infected with bishonen for the first time :lol:

      So, I do consider Amos seriously. Maybe I'm getting sentimental with old age here... you young guys will not even know what I'm talking about, will you???? :lol:

      Love to the thirty-somethings...
      Manda :daisy
    9. Manda...New Romantics? Go make me all nostalgic!! Duran Duran were amongst my first loves, their early albums still make me feel good all the time <3 <3 <3 (7 And The Ragged Tiger, anyone ^-^?).

      *erm*, on topic, I like this boy...instersting head, stange nose, but somehow that doesn´t bother me at all. And he seems to have very nice hands, too ^-^.
    10. Hey, I had Duran Duran ALBUMS!. Remember those big round black things, LOL? I even saw Duran Duran in concert once (after they had dwindled down to 3 members... but at least Nick was there!). *sigh* Ah, the good old days...

      :: totally feeling that thirty-something love :: :daisy

      I do love Hugo, but I've heard that the Dollmore bodies are poorly designed (i.e. waist "joint" is useless, leg/knee design keeps doll from standing on own, etc.) Anybody know of anyone who owns a Hugo, or is actually happy with their Dollmore body? I guess I could always get the head only... but I really like his hands too.
    11. Dollmore has done a serious re-design of their body; I have the 'old' Dollmore Dean body.
      His waist joint works fine for me, so cannot comment on other people's issues with it.
      Baltazar can stand with encouragement and something to lean on for balance, now that his legs are wired.

      The corrected body has much nicer legs, both to look at and for function; there's somebody's Dollmore doll in the Gallery who is standing on his own.

      The hands are a redesign, too. My Dean's hands are pretty enough, but a good 25% too small and rather shiny.

      I'll let someone who owns the new body comment further if she wishes.

      Ann in CT
    12. Hi Ann! ^_____^

      I'm so happy to hear that Dollmore has improved their bodies! Hugo is a definite possibility now! :grin: And I can totally relate to the small, shiny hands; my HD Arthur is the same way. Thanks for your helpful input!
    13. Ah, *lol*, another Rhodes-shipper out there. He looked always so deliciously femmy in the old days.