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New Dollmore Doll :: Lilis Liv

May 2, 2005

    1. aww, she does completely look like bermanns daughter or a little kid sister! Too damn cute :lol:
    2. Egads! She looks exactly like one of my husband's characters! I must not let him see! (Two doll lovers+ one paycheck=not happy household)

      She is so lovely, but so sad-looking. I just want to hug her and tell her that it will all be okay....

      Oh, no! It sounds like I want her too! :oops:
    3. must...not...spend...another paycheck....

      i'm supposed to be saving! i must resist!
    4. Resistance is futile! :lol:
    5. can't...stay...away... :locks self in closet:
    6. She is lovely!

      I think she'd make a lovely Boy too though.
    7. Ack! I hadn't thought of that! I must resist even harder now! :cry:
    8. lol!

      I mean, she'd make a really really adorable boy.... :P