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New Dollmore Dolls - Doppel Asha

Feb 22, 2006

    1. For some reason I like the Asha with the different ears better than the original one (I wonder if the face is minutely different? Or if its really just the ears).

      Its nice that they've released her as (what looks like) a general edition.
    2. Her eyes are different. I can't really tell about the rest of the face, though the lips look a little different to me as well. >.>

      I like her a lot too XD I'm really glad they released her as a standard. <3 I would have been bummed if it had only been the special editions that got the different ears and stuff.
    3. I mailed to Dollmore and Jee said it was the same Asha head mould. O__O;; They said that the only difference was the ears.
      I don't know though. Her eyes, at least, seem different.....and now I don't know which one to get~!! *lol* (*watch me end up getting both~!!! eep*)

      But either way, Doppel Asha is totally cute~! And the interchanging ears is cool---and even better when it's not LE. ^__^;;
    4. FYI-the heads are available seperately now! along with a bunch of new fur wigs modeled by doppel!!

      when i get my boy i'll post lots of pics :)