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New Dollmore dolls!!

Jan 26, 2005

    1. There are two new Dollmore dolls: Ray (girl) and Joey (boy). They are SD size and look like siblings. It may just be me, but they also look surprised :?
    2. wh00t! I have a doll named after me.. o_o *gets all proud-like* xP
    3. Wow, they... look quite related to Dean.

      ... the Dollmore sculpts resemble my drawing teacher XD
    4. I hope they are also sold on eBay, as my Dean was.

      Then I can see a body shot of the girl, 'cause it was the body sculpt that sold me on Dean.

      They probably have more chin than the pictures show.
      Dean's face looks like it is shaped like this: > , but he does actually have chin, tho' not a square 'american action hero' jaw.

      These new ones are cute, too.

      Ann in CT