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New Dollmore Eve - Lasia

Nov 29, 2008

    1. I'm not sure, but the body is a model doll body not a young eve body. *_*
    2. I think she's absolutely Stupendous! Very stunning and gorgeous girl. Course, it doesn't help much that I'm such a Dollmore fan... ho hum! ^_~

      Where did you see/read that? She's listed as a Youth Dollmore Eve 57 cm girl on the website itself... ^^;;
    3. With creations like our new girl here it's very hard not to be a Dollmore fan! ^_^ I don't think I will bring her home myself but I do indeed enjoy looking at her and do hope that we will be seeing at least some of her at DoA.
    4. I'm really taken by her slight smile and little bit longish nose. Seems she can go romantic or modern and look great either way. Dollmore is offering so many new sculpts that are different--not just more of the same. I know I'm going to get a body and probably more than one head.
    5. I love smiley girls!
    6. She's very.. stunning. (:
    7. No, that's the normal Eve body as usual.

      You just might get to see her irl. ;)

      I absolutely adore her! Of course being a huge Dollmore fan I am not surprised that I would fall, yet again, for another sculpt of theirs. Though I am pleased that for once I actually feel something for a female sculpt, as that is quite unusual for me.
      This is their second smiling doll in a row. Their Glamour Model Kasi Dan has that sweet smile as well. Me likes! :)
      I just might bring both of them home sooner or later.
    8. There are some new photos since yesterday. I'm pleased to see that Lasia doesn't really have double eyelids so she could make a lovely Asian girl!
    9. Nihmo - I had a certain feeling about that, yes I had, yes I had. ;3 I hardly pity you though. Not only has she a pretty face but she also seems to be so full of life. I really do hope I'll get to see her!
    10. That's steroetyping Asians! xD

      On the other note, I love her smile! She's very beautiful and kinda looks like the older version of Paran.:aheartbea
    11. She is wearing a modeldoll outfit, and modeldoll legs, see the knee joints, are the modeldoll knees not the eve knees. But maybe this is the old body and redone this outfit for 60cm dolls. i'm not sure.

      By the way, she is very beautiful, i love her smile.
    12. I am wondering has anyone ordered her?
      I think she is beautiful in her own way and I am so curious how does she look in real.
      Anyone? :)
    13. Here is what it says under body measurements;

      And she is now listed under Model Doll ^^;
    14. Has anyone ordered this lovely lady?
    15. Oh she's pretty. . .and I like the price tag she comes with too.