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New Dollmore Girl? Miso!

Nov 1, 2005

    1. "who is Dollmore Lilis Liv's pen friend."

      SQUEE! She's gorgeous, I love her clothes!!! :o

      EDIT: but I don't think she comes with them T_T
    2. She's a little strange looking for my tastes... well sculpted, but... a bit... odd.
    3. I think she'd be really beautiful in real life, but dollmore's photos... ugh. >.< I mean, I love Dollmore to pieces, for their great communication and just how wonderful and unique their sculpts are, but the photos... really weak in comparison to companies like Luts and DOD.

      I hope someone buys her so we can see some -real- photos, as owners seem to do better jobs with Dollmore dolls.
    4. She's gorgeous! o_o I love her expression! XD And her cheeks-- I'm in love with her cheeks~ :o
    5. I completely agree with Achi about Dollmore's photos. They don't do their dolls justice. She looks beautiful, but her upper lip is too thin for my liking. It's almost non-existent. I would love to see owner photos if someone gets her, though.
    6. Does anyone else think she looks like Jan from the Brady Bunch movie? Played by Jennifer Elise Cox.
    7. I see the resemblance. Especially in the chin.
    8. yeah their photos are too 'busy', they need to be simpler and show the doll better maybe.

      I love Miso! she's like a big sister to Momo. anyone thinking she'd make a sweet boy?