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New Dollmore Kid Girls LEs!

Sep 3, 2005

    1. What fun!!! But I must say I think the Aidan girl really is an Aidan boy...just my opinion, of course! SO cute, though - if I hadn't just ordered a mini boy, I'd be all over that one! Black Rose Calvin is adorable too!
    2. they are gorgeous!!!

      I think i'm going to have to get aiden...
    3. I thought so too! either that or the DM girl body is really flat chested ^-^''
    4. The new LEs are very pretty, did any of you see the Double Dagger outfit??
      I will admit, it is very well made and has remarkable detail, but, I'm afriad I find the face mask a bit scary... :oops:
    5. Oh wow! Black Rose Calvin & Sailor Dream Asha are gorgeous! I can't help but giggle at Asha's wig, though ... it's so big! But it looks so adorable on her! <3
    6. Awesome outfits!!! Especially Calvin and Asha's.
    7. Ajumapama clothing and wigs really does look lovely on the Dollmore girls. They made Momo and Aidan really tomboyish though, but Asha is adorable, and Calving is beautiful. :D