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new Dollmore Model M - Pierre Karma

Jul 24, 2009

    1. Hey, checked Dollmore a while ago and saw an unfamiliar face there.


      copied from website:

      Pierre is a college student who is majoring in genetics and a fashion model.^^

      He was born to a wealthy family but he is earning his school expenses by a part-time job.

      He has a faith in self-reliance and the power of dreams. ^^

      He is so attractive to have a nicely slender face

      and perfect slender body lines and Model poses as well.^^

      His twofold joint structures of elbows, divided forearm and supple movements of waist

      show you the Model perfect poses and standing without any stand as you make.^^
    2. Interesting. I'm having a really hard time trying to distinguish the difference between Pierre's head mold and the existing Haenam mold. Once you get past the make-up (Haenam's eyes are tight-lined in black, which makes them look smaller and sharper; the lips are also painted to appear at different angles) I think they are actually the same..?
    3. They are similar but not the same, IMO. The new doll has slightly fuller lips, and his eyes look like they are open more and a bit wider. That's not just due to the way they painted the eye lines. The nose looks a bit narrower on the new guy to me, but that could just be the lighting in the photography.