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New dollndoll Fairy doll (Cumi/Cherry/etc) foot measurements

Sep 7, 2008

    1. On the site there's written 3cm.
      On the doa tiny size chart there's written 3cm.

      But I have a feet of an old Cherry I've had, and it's 2,2cm!

      Does anybody knows if they've changed the feet? Because sometimes sites are wrong about measurements... I remember PF were described as 15 cm, but they're 13.

      Oh, and if anybody has photos of the new Fairies, I'll be happy to see! :D
    2. the new fairys are on the newer Cumi body arnt they ? I think there was mention of that
      so it may be why they are differnt :D
    3. My Cumi wears Blythe shoes, so maybe the 3.0 is an estimate? I know the Blythe ones I have are 25-27mm. Here's my old "feet" comparison:


      Elfdoll feet are 19mm, so Cumi would have to be half again as large to make 30mm, which they don't appear to be.

      I know there was a series of comparison shots with a Candy and a Cumi somewhere back in the Comparisons thread, done back when Cumi came out in early 2006.
    4. thanks a lot. I found something (didn't knew there was a "search in this thread"!

      What I found:
      Cumi with PF --> it's yours and it's even better than the one you posted here... both are very useful
      I think that new serendipity tinies will fit into blythe/Yellow AND Rubyredgallery shoes! :D :D
    5. LOL...back in the dawn of Troop Tiny. Hard to imagine only having a few tinys.
    6. I would say yes, because 25mm is Blythe size and my Cumi can wear Blythe shoes.
    7. ¡Confirmed! The shoes of tiny bobobie fits Cumi foot
      Thanks! :chocoberry