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New Dolls and Devastating news

May 28, 2017

    1. Has anyone ever just received their new dolls then that exact day get devastating news?

      It happened to me this week. My Mad Hatter doll was delivered on Thursday and as I was on my way to pick up my new doll from the post office my sister messages me saying my mum was rushed to the hospital with an brain aneurysm that had burst and caused bleeding on the brain. Thank fully she has had her surgery and is on the long road to recovery but I am having difficulty being excited about my new doll and I feel horrible even though I love him.
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    2. Think of him as a good luck charm. They day he arrived your mother was saved. It may sound silly but maybe it could work for you!
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    3. Perhaps he arrived when he did to provide you with positive energy for yourself and those around you. ☀️
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    4. I'm so sorry to hear about that!

      Definitely let yourself be happy about him. Take some time with him and think of the good things instead of the bad. And if you need to put him away for a while, that's okay too. Do what will help you the most! He won't mind~
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    5. Thank you guys yes he is helping me I don't think I could ever put him away he is just to adorable to look at though :)
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    6. That's good! Never feel guilty about enjoying something, even if things are going badly.
      Enjoy your doll and I hope your mom feels better soon! :kitty2
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    7. I'm very sorry to hear about your mother, but thankfully she was able to get surgery. To take comfort in a stress-relieving distraction, like a new doll, isn't necessarily unhealthy. It can be the opposite, actually. Don't be afraid to take some time to yourself and have a few quiet moments of enjoyment in times of stress and bad situations. As long as you are using it as a stress reliever and not as an escape from reality, it can be good for your mental health. Good luck to you and your mother!
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    8. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, but I'm glad she made it through surgery alright. I agree with the others- see him as a good luck charm. :)
      I go to my dolls when I'm feeling really down. I think whatever positive energy you put into them can come back to help you in hard times.
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    9. Use the doll to help with a bit of down time when you need it. Sometimes having something that seems a bit frivolous next to important things is very helpful to keep you going. As others have said, that stress relief is vital for you too, so you can be in a good place to support your mother. Hope everything goes well for the both of you!
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    10. I ordered my first doll the same week my only maternal cousin unexpectedly died. It was also two weeks before my wedding. With everything going on, I didn't really even have time to think much about my doll. I had ordered him in stock, so he arrived within a week, while everything was still going on. I didn't really get to do much with him, besides a very fast faceup and make him some jeans and a quick fur wig. Otherwise, he sat half naked on an American Girl bed, in this terrible wig and wrong eyes for a bit. I still loved him, and in a way, the positivity of him arriving kind of helped me with the tragedy of losing my cousin. In no way was he a replacement for her, but he did lift my spirits. Instead of thinking of him arriving for her funeral, I thought of it as he was there for me when I needed a positive distraction.

      Nine years later, and after buying/selling many many dolls, I still have him.
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    11. I really hope your mom starts to feel better! This is me every time I manage to but a new doll I swear. I bought my Fairyland Rendia last year, and the day she arrived my car was totaled. x_X So I was car-less for about six months. Then I bought a Fairyland Rus hippogriff, and a hotel worker from Super 8 had stolen the box containing it's wings and spare heads. I had to pay an extra $200 to replace that. I haven't bought any new dolls since these two but I have one on lay away atm and I am a bit worried! I seem to have the luck of a black cat.
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    12. Thanks everyone. Zodiac I am sure everything will turn out just fine :)
    13. Oft when a doll coincides with disaster one should look at that doll in between dipping in the pain and the surge of the misery, and use it for an inkling of enjoyment.
      I've had a doll coincide with the recent death of my grandfather. Granted, my source of funding cut off so my full involvement with the new girl was shelved. Doesn't mean one forgets about a doll. Enjoy a doll, it'll make the situation a tad easier.
    14. Hope your mom gets better!!
      One of my dogs passed away not long after the arrival of my new doll, it was heart breaking, but it was also kind of a blessing because my dog had so many health issues and passing away so quickly (he only suffered for a few days before he passed) was so much better than dragging on his last breath with cancer pain.
      I know in a lot of culture people take it as something brings bad omen when associated with unfortunate event, but I supposed that's not really the case, it probably simply brings out what could have been worse to a better outcome.
      Regardless, I'm glad your mom was ok and glad to hear that you are enjoying your new doll!!