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New Dolls at Angelheim & Summer Sale on JH

Aug 2, 2011

    1. [TABLE="width: 100%"]
      [TD="bgcolor: #FAFAFA, colspan: 2"]Dear Den of Angel Fans

      After long rainy season in Korea, the weater is getting hotter and steamer, so many people start going vacation. As you know we all waited that and also, Summer Sale too.

      Unfortunetely, we now do not have many dolls so we were kind of planning to skip this year. However, well, we want to be a part of it with releasing our new basic boys - Kyle, Julian & Shin

      They are going to be our basic human type dolls (Please notice that their caps don't have any magnet holes) and also, more basics and fantasy dolls are comming soon.

      Yes, we are now back to our studio and back to our normal service, and back to our creative incubator!

      The event will strat from today of Aug 2nd and will end Aug 20th - eastern time.
      During that period, All juniorheim Boys will be reduced to $200.00 from $265.00 reg price. :)

      Please enjoy the HOT SUMMER

      Thanks for your very kind support!