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New dolls at Notdoll Lab

Nov 1, 2006

    1. I am Peru, Girl(43cm) & Cocoa baby, Yam(12cm)~

      Hello. Everybody~

      We introduce new our dolls - 'I am Peru, Girl' & 'Cocoa baby, Yam'

      Have a lot of interests and loves to new our dolls.

      Thank you so much~


      I am Peru, Girl(43cm)


      Cocoa baby, Yam(12cm)

    2. Hello, Do you have body pictures nude of Peru ? love the face lots of character nice to see an MSD size girl at last!

    3. It says on Peru's page:

      1. Face-up completed 1 Peru Head + 1 Little fair girl body - Assembling

      So I guess she has the same body as cossett?
    4. are Peru's eyes in the image from notdoll as well? anyone know which ones they are? i've looked through the glass eyes at the notdoll site but there are 3 or 4 shades close to those on the picture so i can't really tell which ones they are..