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New dolls at Ssin Doll!

Dec 2, 2005

    1. http://ssindoll.com/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20021119085725

      57cm/58cm girl and boy dolls not to mention the ability to buy Ssin dolls as parts!

      Many people havent heard of Ssin doll and now is a perfect time to find out... Viola and Camio are BEAUTIFUL girls and, in Camio's case, a handsome boy as well.

      I hope I can see a few new Ssin dolls romping around in the gallery soon!

      And btw I think these are general edition so no worries if you're strapped for cash after the Volks usa webby opening and Luts' new boys... Ssin is wonderful about restocking their products.
    2. Camio has a very sweet face!
      I'm very interested in the posability of these dolls. The boy body is described as being simultaneously slimmer and more muscular than most bodies. They also mention that the torso is trisected for greater flexibility. I couldn't find any photos of the body, though. :-?

    3. i second this ^^
    4. I suppose you could ask on the Q&A for some pics?
      I would but my net is horribly slow right now.. Sorry! ^-^;
    5. I had one of the tiny Ssin dolls
      the resin is beautiful , :D
      I like the new tiny girl ...mmmhhh maybe next year :|
    6. Veronica: "Eeee, I'm remembered!!"

      (I have GOT to take more pics of her -- I love her to bits, I've just been waiting for her default Leekeworld wig to arrive . . . poor girl's been neglected!!)

      I notice that they have free face-ups (at least for the larger dolls) right now!!

      Viola is really lovely . . . and $450 is a very reasonable price for an SD-sized girl with wig, eyes, and face-up, even with the bank-transfer charge added on! (Actually, if anyone does decide to order from SSIN, please drop me a PM -- I'd be interested in splitting shipping, since I want to order some clothes and shoes from them)

      I especially love the way Veronica's legs pose . . . she's got a similar body shape to my DOD TBee-A, but she's somehow able to do more relaxed and natural crossed legs and sitting poses (and she stands up really well!)

      I'm really happy with my SSIN girl, and I'd love to see more here on DoA!!

      -- Andi ^-^
    7. I noticed Viola awhile ago, and want her so badly. She's so beautiful and dignified!
    8. I've bought clothes from them before with credit card. They accept it through Paypal. :)
    9. ...whoa O_O THey made a typo. LOL it looks funny though ^O^;;;
      I think I saw that site some while ago. Lovely dolls >_<;; Especially the cat one ~.~
    10. No 60cm girl dolls available? awwww :(

      Edit...oh there's a 57cm....doh....and a 58cm...she's cute!