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New dolls from Custom House -- Tia, Tera, Ruan

Mar 16, 2007

    1. Hello dear friends of Custom House,
      Thank you so much for your love and interest on our AI dolls~

      We are happy to introduce the new dolls to you.

      Here are the new coming dolls on 20th March, 19:00 in Korean time.

      [ New dolls ]

      * Vintage AI-Alps Girl Odree/face up : Kaiiyu - Season limited/ Can choose the face up from 2 styles.

      * Little Jr. AI-Ruan/face up : Uyuchagongbang.

      * Little Jr. AI-raina/face up : Uyuchagongbang.

      * Little Jr. AI-Tera/face up : Kaiiyu.

      * Petite AI-Tia/face up: Sarasoo.

      + Tera & Tia are twin heads.
      You can meet the two dolls in special price when you order them in set.

      Thank you for your attention.

      With love,
      Forest of AI.


      I will post picture as soon as it is available.
    2. [​IMG]
      Petite Ai- Tia

      Little Junior - Tera

      LJ boy - Ruan
    3. Ruan is actually a Little Junior, not an Ai boy, right? You have his photo labeled as Ai. :sweat
    4. sorry >_< I corrected it.
    5. I wish the custom house site would say what bodies the dolls have on there!! you look at them and have to figure it out based on price!
    6. If you click on an individual doll, the index in the upper right will tell you what category the doll is in (i.e. Home> Shop> Limited Ai> Little Junior).
    7. oh thanks for that makes it easier to find now!